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Take advantage of my reduced price for one week.

I am a psychic and channeler with thirty years experience. I use tarot when indicated, but mainly tune into Spirit guidance as I connect to your aura during your reading.

I know how disheartening it can be when delays to emotional fulfillment, career blockages and money issues weigh you down and you forget how wonderful life can be. However, my aim is to untie the knots holding you back by showing you a positive new way forwards.

To intensify my inherited gifts, so I could use them to help others, I went on a seven year shamanic visionary quest to India. I learned to read with love and compassion, and am now dedicated to resolving your challenges. I am intuitive, but also spiritually guided, incorporating psychic predictions and merging your own soul purpose into the energy of the moment.. I help you see how some relationships are karmic or destined, yet others come into being through free will. I show you how to understand the difference and make changes where needed.
I also use Italian gypsy cards, the pendulum and a unique astro layout that identifies your personality traits, analyzing your auric field and tuning into what is going on behind the scenes. No matter how confused you are now I help you regain an upbeat outlook on your future.

I have been an international psychic for many years writing articles for Italian metaphysical magazines in both Tuscany and Rome where I held channelling workshops. I am a reflexologist, Reiki Master and massage therapist. I live in Tuscany.


Continue to love no matter what.


I adore spending time with my family, going for walks by the sea in this beautiful area and playing with my pets. I play the piano and enjoy cooking exotic dishes.


I will guide you to a sense of inner peace so you enjoy the thrill of your unique journey on this planet. My reading will connect to the joyful love of Angels and your own Spirit guides.

Client reviews : 240   -   Average rating : 4.9
« Thank you Annie for the very first reading in my life. I had no idea what to expect and found your words very reassuring, just what I currently need. It's an amazing gift that you have, thank you for your reading. »
    • Elle
      On 23 September 2023

      Thank you Annie for the very first reading in my life. I had no idea what to expect and found your words very reassuring, just what I currently need. It's an amazing gift that you have, thank you for your reading.

    • Kathy
      On 17 September 2023

      Wonderful reader! Thank you, Annie, who gives the lay of the land as well as the people involved and then, what I need most, guidance about how to handle it all. Incredibly accurate. A joy to speak with.

      Response from Annie S on 18 September 2023
      It is such a pleasure talking to you, a beautiful magical Spirit with so much joy to share with the world due to your talents and wisdom. Love Annie xxx
    • C1979
      On 16 September 2023

      Thank you Annie. Lovely reading x

      Response from Annie S on 18 September 2023
      Hello, thank you for your kind words. It was great reading for you. God bless, Annie xxx
    • Kaz
      On 15 September 2023

      Thank you so much Annie , so glad I connected to you today , amazing reading, a lot of detail in my reading, Annie is such a beautiful person when reading for you and how she relates information to you , very calming feeling talking with Annie , I definitely recommend

      Response from Annie S on 18 September 2023
      You are truly amazing. As we said, have confidence in your own determination and positivity because solutions are coming as a result of it. Sending you love and many thanks for your beautiful review. Hugs, Annie xx
    • Cristina
      On 14 September 2023

      You help me understand the true depth of the love between us and why certain things have happened. I know there are still many obstacles to overcome but your belief that we are destined to be together gives me such confidence. You have been unwavering in your predictions over the last few months. You always read for me with such care and compassion ????

      Response from Annie S on 14 September 2023
      Hello beautiful lady, yours is a very unique situation. It underlines the power of love and how at times the pain of it can feel overwhelming but our belief in it helps us walk through the dark times to light. I still pray for you . God bless and thank you for your beautiful review. Hugs, Annie xxx
    • Stream13123
      On 09 September 2023

      You foretold the family upset; it has happened. Daughter with me . Always accurate. Xx

      Response from Annie S on 11 September 2023
      I know this is hard, but believe me it will pass. Relationships between folks are very strained right now. There are huge cosmic and planetary influences affecting many. But have faith, there is a way through. Time will ease things. I am sending you all my prayers, light and love. God bless you. xxxx
    • Stream13123
      On 09 September 2023

      Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

      Response from Annie S on 09 September 2023
      You have an amazing life, incredible awareness, and a sense of the miraculous to you. Just been shown a hand coming down from the sky, picking you up and setting you right down in exactly the right spot! After talking about the ins and outs I get a sense of imminent breakthrough with that image? Love to you gorgeous lady.xxxxxxx
    • A1968
      On 08 September 2023

      Bless you Annie. Thank you ???? I don’t know how it happens that if one books a pay per minute call that it should count you down and cut you off after a certain time? That’s why I did a pay per minute, so that I didn’t have to keep topping up. However, thank you, thank you thank you, as always a breath and breeze of fresh air you are! Simply astounding with your connection and messages. I love the way you read and deliver the messages and guidance. You’re always so switched on, tuned in and connected, with such accuracy and clarity. Thank you, beautiful Annie xxx

      Response from Annie S on 08 September 2023
      There is yes, complexity, but I felt a powerful connection to the emotions and the sincerity of feelings involved. I am so glad I could help you, and somehow clarify some of the issues that are challenging you. You are a beautiful person and have a loving heart. In fact, your sincerity and honesty will guide you to those longed for solutions. Thank you for your kind words and amazing review.
    • Stream13123
      On 05 September 2023

      Annie, you were superb, Such a sympathetic listener and insightful insight into the family issue, since our call “ more pennies have dropped” re: the family dynamics. Thank you ❤️

      Response from Annie S on 06 September 2023
      No matter the complexity your understanding is helping everyone concerned, As always an immense pleasure reading for you. Thank you for your kind words lovely lady. Big hugs Annie xx
    • C1979
      On 02 September 2023

      That was amazing thank you so much Annie! So helpful so amazingly accurate.

      Response from Annie S on 06 September 2023
      I get that you need patience, belief and optimism, no matter ups and downs. It is lovely tosense and feel you are getting there. Reading for you was a beautiful experience. Love and light Annie xxx
    • Leonard C
      On 20 August 2023

      Thank you for your most kind message; cup of tea soon. You are always so reassuring, consistent and accurate. With love x

      Response from Annie S on 31 August 2023
      Got out the digestives, LOL so lovely to speak to you. Annie xxx
    • Kathy
      On 19 August 2023

      Annie is a wonderful, spot-on accurate reader with amazing energy and empathy. Thank you!

      Response from Annie S on 19 August 2023
      Your work is all about love, how lucky you are amazing lady. Thank you for your kind words. xxxx

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