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Daily 2-6pm
When struggles never seem to end, my psychic advice untangles glitches and predicts outcomes that will change your life.
Love & Relationships, Career, Family & Home, Spirituality
Over 25 years experience as an international Psychic, Spiritual Worker and Complimentary Health Therapist
Clairvoyance, Spirit Guides, Psychic, Angel Channel, Spiritual Worker, Pendulum
Tarot Cards, Italian Sybille Cards, Dreams, Crystal and the pendulum help me connect with positive answers to your concerns.
Think light, be love
Walking, Gardening, Pets, Friends, Family, Playing Piano and Cooking

My readings are exclusive to you as they help you access unique ways forwards. You see, no matter your current concerns, solutions often emerge from left field when you least expect them to. Perhaps a relationship is not as hopeless as you think or your career path will open out even if it all feels so blocked. When it comes to relationships I tune into those emotional twists and turns, analyzing issues so you find innovative ways to communicate, even in fraught situations. When it comes to work I pinpoint new opportunities and future trends.

I have years of spiritual counseling, under my belt and my aim is to help you transform worries into positive outcomes so you feel more confident of your future.

I worked for peace in the Sinai, Egypt and Israel, and travelled the world for an international organization dedicated to bringing food to famine. I also spent time with a brilliant spiritual teacher in Gujarat India.
She taught me the power of unconditional love and compassion. I am a Reiki Master and reflexologist and sometimes give sessions to locals where I live in Tuscany. I published a children's book called "The Strange Case of Miss Tring!" which is a favorite for eight to 12 year olds here in Italy.

My aim is to help you feel more confident about your future.

So spoil yourself and enjoy a reading know you are worth it!


I started sensing others' energies in childhood when I saw auric colors, felt people's feelings and thoughts and tuned into visions of future trends With the psychic gifts I inherited from my mother, we go on an amazing adventure together.


I am now available again.

Two pm to six pm

Client reviews : 188   -   Average rating : 4.9
« Unable to thank Annie enough. An angel on this earth. So accurate; so honest. Thank you, Annie. »
    • Stream13123
      On 24 March 2023

      Unable to thank Annie enough. An angel on this earth. So accurate; so honest. Thank you, Annie.

      Response from Annie S on 25 March 2023
      I am so grateful for your review. But above all know that you are a beautiful soul and person and it is always inspirational reading for you. Have a lovely day sweetheart.
    • User19192960
      On 10 March 2023

      Annie is always amazing. Really connects on a very high level.

      Response from Annie S on 10 March 2023
      Thanks so much for your beautiful comment. I am so glad I could help you. Sending you love and light for the future. God bless, Love, Annie S xx
    • stream_1259
      On 27 February 2023

      Annie S is a remarkable reader. Tuned into relationships and the POI without any prompts from me. She picked up on a strong connection between us both and even predicted a committed relationship! She's an incredible reader and truly very gifted. Keep up the great work. Jas xx

      Response from Annie S on 03 March 2023
      Hello, thank you so much for your beautiful review. I am so happy I could help you, and I m sure that your connection will grow as you understand each other more and more. God bless you. Love Annie
    • Circle_11860148
      On 22 February 2023

      Annie was incredible! She provided me with so much. Very kind and caring approach. So glad to have reached out. Thank you x

      Response from Annie S on 03 March 2023
      Thank you so much for your beautiful review. I deeply appreciate it and look forward to hearing positive news. God bless
    • Circle_12414978
      On 16 February 2023

      Thank you so much for today Annie. Your perseverance and kindness put me in a much better place. You are a truly gifted and very special.

      Response from Annie S on 03 March 2023
      It was really lovely talking to you the other day. Sometimes we have to dig a little deep to get those answers, and due to the depth of your soul you will find ways to understand your situation better each day.
    • iyona1
      On 23 January 2023

      Thank you Annie. You were totally accurate with time and positive outcome for a job interview. Very kind and reassuring but also most important, accurate!

      Response from Annie S on 03 March 2023
      Thank you for your lovely review. I am sure things are going your way, you deserve all the success that comes your way. God bless.
    • Circle_11152168
      On 08 January 2023

      Annie gave me masses of predictions without me having to do or say anything. It was amazing.

      Response from Annie S on 03 March 2023
      When I read for you, I realised you have so much to look forwards to. Be patient, it will happen one step at a time, but happen it will.
    • Circle_11118038
      On 04 January 2023

      This is a few weeks late for this review, but having had a few weeks to digest all Annie shared, she indeed was 100% accurate in what she said the outcome would be. She had described my situation perfectly at the time and laid cards at a possible outcome, which a couple of weeks down the line has come true. Annie is also a very lovely lady, highly compassionate and empathic. I would definitely recommend her, and I will be calling again, for sure. Thanks, Annie xx

      Response from Annie S on 03 March 2023
      Hello there, I really appreciated your kind words. I am so happy that you have more clarity, and as you move forwards.
    • stream_13123
      On 27 November 2022

      Annie has read for me on several occasions. She is highly spiritual, fantastic, empathetric and always a very accurate reader. Exceptionally kind, patient and understanding. An amazing, highly recommended reader.

      Response from Annie S on 03 March 2023
      I so appreciate your beautiful review. I often think of you, and send you all my love and blessings.
    • Circle_11961898
      On 09 November 2022

      Have had readings with Annie for years. She is a top reader, with great psychic gifts, a caring manner and many validations and much more. Thank you for recommending the meditations/hypnoses by NS - I love them!

      Response from Annie S on 03 March 2023
      Thank you dear friend, it is always such fun reading for you, you have such a bright and lovely personality.
    • David7
      On 09 November 2022

      Where to start. Annie has been amazing. When love and crisis came into my life Annie guided me through several months of fragility and healing. Through it all she saw a beautiful outcome. Honestly I wouldn't have made it without Annie's support.

      Response from Annie S on 03 March 2023
      Hi there, you came into my mind the other day, I send you love and thoughts for positive outcomes. God bless and thank you for your lovely review.
    • villyville
      On 31 October 2022

      Very kind but real tells it how it is

      Response from Annie S on 03 March 2023
      Thank you for your kind review. I hope you are well and I send you all my very best wishes. God bless.

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