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I'm always intrigued by shadows or ghost images of a person. When you close your eyes and think of someone, facial features often don't emerge but their essence: their Soul does.
Annie acts as a Psychic adviser guiding people in their lives.
'Spirit is always with us for a reason'.


I am a dedicated and compassionate reader. I am honest, empathetic who won't make false promises. I have over 30 years experience and will meet with your guides in their purest form.With my honest and direct approach I can work effectively to get to the point of your question or concern.

Whether it be love, career, business, family or making important decisions that need to be made:
I can definitely help with this. Please don't be shy about asking me questions or telling me what area you would like to concentrate on.

Tarot, runes, crystal ball and whatever tools we use as a psychic are simply a tool to aid you to contact your higher self. All the answers are inside yourself already. So let us unravel this together.

I use the Wisdom of the Oracle cards along with the Tarot cards blending them together to get more of an in depth reading.

I have been consulting on TheCircle since March 2022 and have been consulting professionally for nearly 30 years alongside working as a Psychic Counsellor.

I enjoy walking in the country side, visiting places of historical interest and writing.


I have been blessed with enormous help from the spirit world. The personal help I have received has been wonderful. My guides that work with me never fail. I have a very famous lady who guides me and I am grateful for her help and support.


Always come to the reading with an open mind. If possible try to be in a calm environment.
This is your time and I really want you to get the most from your reading. I look forward to meeting you on The Circle.


Sat 25 March - AWAY
Mon 27 March- 11am-3pm
Tues 28 March -11am-3pm
Wed 29 March - 4pm-7pm
Thu 30 March - 2pm-5pm
Sat 1 April - AWAY
Sun 2 April - 9.30 - 11.30am

Client reviews : 91   -   Average rating : 4.9
« Thank you for an excellent reading. You have made me feel a lot calmer than I was before I rang you. You have also given me something to look forward to. Roll on May! »
    • Circle11396398
      On 21 March 2023

      Thank you for an excellent reading. You have made me feel a lot calmer than I was before I rang you. You have also given me something to look forward to. Roll on May!

      Response from Annie B on 24 March 2023
      Thank you for such a lovely review. I'm so glad you are you feeling calmer!
    • Circle12491568
      On 20 March 2023

      Thank you Annie. I am so thankful to have found you on the circle Im off to new Orleans and will have the best time ever. Amazing and gifted reader thank you for your love and support through my dark days. Love Susie xxx

      Response from Annie B on 20 March 2023
      You're going to have the best time!keep doing what you're doing- it will all come good, better than you expect.Thanks so much for you're great feedback. Till we speak again, much love Susie. xxx
    • C1969
      On 17 March 2023

      Amazing amazing amazing ????????????????

      Response from Annie B on 18 March 2023
      Thanks so much again x
    • C1969
      On 16 March 2023

      Amazing reading xxx

      Response from Annie B on 17 March 2023
      My pleasure and thank you xxx
    • Circle12519318
      On 14 March 2023

      Really accurate about situation and people involved thank you so much

      Response from Annie B on 14 March 2023
      Amazing. Thank you so much. Speak soon. Love and best wishes x
    • Circle11152168
      On 13 March 2023

      Annie's reading was excellent and very comprehensive.

      Response from Annie B on 13 March 2023
      Hi, thanks so much for your written review, always a pleasure to serve spirit. Look forward to speaking with you soon. Love and best wishes Annie B. x
    • Circle12049118
      On 13 March 2023

      Thank you so much Annie, I really appreciate the reading. You were very helpful. I didn’t get the chance to tell you that other things you said in our previous reading are coming to pass… my friend has booked us that spa weekend you were talking about and there is a marriage on the cards with my other friend :) Would absolutely recommend a reading with Annie, she is fab x

      Response from Annie B on 13 March 2023
      That's amazing! enjoy that spa day.Thanks for your time and energy in writing your review about your personal experience with me. I look forward to future readings on the circle. Look forward to speaking to you again soon.x
    • Stream1932
      On 11 March 2023

      Another wonderful reading from Annie, makes me feel positive without sugar coating. Can honestly say she is not to be missed. God Bless x

      Response from Annie B on 11 March 2023
      Thank you for your great review. Im so glad you found this a positive experience. Look forward to speaking to you very soon x
    • andrina
      On 25 February 2023

      Annie is really good ,things from my last reading have happened I will wait and see what happens next , I will be back . Margaret X

      Response from Annie B on 06 March 2023
      A big huge thank you. Always a pleasure x
    • stream_1932
      On 20 February 2023

      Had second reading with Annie B….so on point. Got to the subject very quickly without prompting. Definitely recommend her for straight readings. Was so pleased I called. Looking forward to the validations coming to fruition. Many thanks Annie x

      Response from Annie B on 06 March 2023
      Wow. Thats fantastic. Many thanks and speak to you again soon x
    • Circle_11239348
      On 09 February 2023

      Not sure whether she knew my situation was really i felt i was giving the information but the outcome was ok.

      Response from Annie B on 06 March 2023
      Thank you for your 5 star rating and look forward to speaking to you again soon. x
    • Circle_11602818
      On 06 February 2023

      I recently had an excellent reading. Picked up the characteristics of the POI's mentioned, with honesty and sensitivity. I was amazed at the level of insight and empathy that flowed throughout the reading. It was a genuine, solid, warm yet not sugar coated reading, which was what I needed. Thanks for the sincerity which made a lot of sense. xx

      Response from Annie B on 06 March 2023
      Thanks for your great review and looking to speaking to you again very soon x

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