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Availability:8pm to 10pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Compassionate and Caring. I can amaze you with my clear insight into your situation with my psychic readings. Using clairvoyance as well as Tarot, I am also an animal psychic and clairsentient. I will leave you in no doubt as to my abilities as a psychic reader.


I specialise in Love & Relationships, Family, Home and Career consultations


I’ve been consulting on TheCircle since June 2004. I have over 40 years’ experience, so I can help you open your thoughts and your mind to have the best consultation possible.


I am a Clairvoyant, Clairsentient and Claircognizant


I use Tarot, but I can work without Tarot and connect directly with spirit, please ask at the start of your consultation.


I am at peace with myself, my world and everyone in it


I love being in nature, gardening, reading and yoga.


I have been consulting on the the Circle since June 2004 and have over 40 years of professional experience of doing psychic readings.


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8.00pm until 10.00pm

Client reviews : 277   -   Average rating : 4.4
« She precisely identified the people I questioned about, and her advice is always connected and sound. An excellent advisor!  »
    • Circle_11190098
      On 30 December 2022

      She precisely identified the people I questioned about, and her advice is always connected and sound. An excellent advisor!

    • jill1251
      On 20 July 2022

      Lovely, calm, reassuring and practical! 'Let it in, let it out, let it be' :)

    • Circle_12499338
      On 15 June 2022

      Really good reading, spot on

    • Simona
      On 19 May 2022

      Brilliant reading!! Been speaking to Anne Rose for nearly 10 years and she is absolutely the best! Helped me through a tough time and I cannot recommend her enough!

    • Circle_11504078
      On 08 March 2022

      Anne Rose, connected very well with the situation and characteristics of the people involved, I look forward to her thoughts on the future and seeing what it brings way, thanks for the reading ✌????

    • Circle_11712408
      On 07 January 2022

      Her readings are very different & out of this world

    • Circle_11681838
      On 15 September 2021

      Good connection. Covered several areas and helped me to see the bigger picture. It’s time to move forward. Thank you

    • Circle_12129868
      On 19 July 2021

      An amazing reading. Really put my mind at rest.

    • Circle_12086658
      On 20 October 2020

      Thoughts and feelings still the same prior to the reading- still quite confused to what I should do with work and looking for other job opportunities

    • JennyM
      On 11 August 2020

      Calm,sound, advice and support. Thank you

    • Circle_11272318
      On 07 July 2020

      Am so sorry we got cut off this evening. You have been my angel during really tough times. Your readings are insightful and gentle but to the point and wow, they are accurate. Time has unfolded events and I think back to what you constantly told me and now they are materialising. Time is what is needed in all readings and although like most people I am impatient, things happen when they are supposed to, thank you for being there and guiding were so right about everything. Love S x

    • Circle_11313598
      On 19 June 2020

      Anne is a very talented reader, she picked up and described my ex perfectly in all his quirks. i have no doubts about this reading, she told me things she could not have known. A lovely girl too, I will look forward to contacting her again.

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