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As I tune in and connect with your unique vibration and situation, I will relay all the information you need surrounding your life and bring you clarity in an honest and considerate way, I am especially skilled in emotionally trauma sensitive situations.


Love & Relationships, Family & Home, Career, Communication, Spirituality.


I have been using and developing my abilities since childhood and have been reading professionally for 18 years and I have been consulting on TheCircle since October 2021. 


Clairvoyant, Psychic, Spirit Guides, Medium.


Tarot Cards, Astrology. 


Be open to receive and you will understand and feel the goodness and abundance of life. 


I paint, play guitar, write and sing. I also do bodywork and yoga and find deep healing within nature amongst the elements.

Client reviews : 78   -   Average rating : 4.8
« Brilliant as always, keeps me calm, and clear messages. Sorry I was pushy today, just frustrated. X »
    • L1979
      On 16 February 2024

      Brilliant as always, keeps me calm, and clear messages. Sorry I was pushy today, just frustrated. X

      Response from Anna on 17 February 2024
      I honestly did not experience you as pushy at all, I did however feel as if you do know what to ask for and have become so grounded in who you are it is wonderful to witness all of this. Feel free to feel whatever you need to when we speak, the reading is for you.
    • Stream5424
      On 16 February 2024

      Amazing ?

      Response from Anna on 16 February 2024
      It is good to hear how you are progressing in the face of challenges. All of the best to you...
    • Rosh
      On 15 February 2024

      Good connection Thank you

      Response from Anna on 16 February 2024
      You are welcome, it certainly was a healing experience. Thank you
    • Joke
      On 11 February 2024

      Amazing guidance Anna

      Response from Anna on 11 February 2024
      You are most is great to witness transformation. Thank you
    • Brenda Mcneice
      On 08 February 2024

      Anna was very exact and very true in her reading. I am at peace. Thank you Anna.

      Response from Anna on 08 February 2024
      That's great to hear, I'm glad you feel peaceful and clear.
    • Tubby
      On 12 January 2024

      Excellent, answered my questions bar one but I don't think she is allowed to answer that one. Xxx

      Response from Anna on 12 January 2024
      Hello there...glad I could answer your questions! and yes you are correct we cannot answer anything related to pregnancy or medical things. Take care!
    • Stream5424
      On 11 January 2024

      Excellent. Thanks so much xxx

      Response from Anna on 11 January 2024
      Most welcome. Thank you.
    • L1979
      On 28 December 2023

      Brilliant as usual, you ground me when my mind wonders in all different directions. Thank you

      Response from Anna on 28 December 2023
      It is Lovely to read for you as you work so hard on yourself! I'm glad you feel that the space is held firmly while you explore. Keep up the good work.
    • Louise
      On 24 December 2023

      Absolutely brilliant, this brought me so much clarity ? thank you so much Anna and for all your kind words and suggestions. Forever grateful for this chat

      Response from Anna on 24 December 2023
      Thats lovely feedback and makes me feel very grateful to you that Ive been able to to navigate through.
    • Circle12515978
      On 23 December 2023

      Short and sweet and very helpful. Will be back in the new year. Lovely fast reader

      Response from Anna on 23 December 2023
      So happy to help you today. Thank you ...some times the information flows strong and extra with you today.
    • Circle11332308
      On 23 December 2023

      Very nice lady Thankyou Anna for your advice

      Response from Anna on 23 December 2023
      You are most welcome. Thank you for your kind comment!..
    • Amik
      On 18 December 2023

      Such a lovely reading, thank you! I’m feeling super hopeful :)

      Response from Anna on 18 December 2023
      Was equally lovely to see all of what is there for you...all of the very best.

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