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My style gets straight to the heart of the matter. As a Medium, I have the gift of being able to 'step into your shoes' to make a link with the spirit world to bring you messages from people who have passed over. I can also bring messages from your own spirit guides using my Clairvoyance.

I specialise in Love & Relationships and career direction.

I've been consulting on TheCircle since October 2022. I have over 20 years' experience, so I can help you open your thoughts and your mind to have the best consultation possible.

I am a Medium and Clairvoyant.

I use a Crystal Ball and Tarot, but I can work without Tarot and connect directly with spirit, please ask at the start of your consultation.

Contentment is the essence.

I love art, painting, drawing and sport, especially cycling.


I have been consulting on the circle for over 25 years since 1998


07:00am - 08:30am Mon - Fri 07:30am - 08:30am Sat 09:30am -12:30pm Sat
09:30am - 13:00pm Mon -Thur 08.00am - 11:00am Sunday
14:30pm - 17:00pm Tuesday

Client reviews : 530   -   Average rating : 4.5
« Thk u so much Angela for the positive messages. Looking forward to the changes.  »
    • N1964
      On 14 June 2024

      Thk u so much Angela for the positive messages. Looking forward to the changes.

    • Zo
      On 14 May 2024

      Always good !

    • Zo
      On 03 May 2024

      You too! xx

    • Circle12532568
      On 23 April 2024

      Lovely to have your insights, thank you

    • Zo
      On 09 April 2024


    • Circle11600008
      On 04 April 2024

      Will definitely recommend. Can’t wait to see how things turn out. Very warm and positive reading

    • Circle12430878
      On 21 March 2024

      Thank you Angela for your support. It’s a shame. The cord ran out before you finished writing appreciate all your support.????

    • Circle11377458
      On 18 March 2024

      Interesting, I’m not sure who some of the spirits where but it’s def gave me something to think about

    • Zo
      On 05 March 2024

      Amazing! xx

    • Aaa
      On 27 February 2024

      Told me how it is and was positive about my future and someone new coming my way. Not always what you want to hear, but the truth from Angela and spirit has helped me think about moving forward. Thank you lovely lady Xxxx

    • Zo
      On 26 February 2024

      Fabulous! Thank you! xx Will speak again!

    • Shane
      On 23 February 2024

      Have spoken to Angela for the past 10/11 years and she has always been great. Thankyou for your time again xx

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