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Hello! I'm Andrew. At the start of our reading i will connect to you using my spirit guides and energy awareness. I will ask you how i can help you, the name of those you wish me to look into. Then, using my Spirit Guides, I will connect to them as well. Using my awareness along with Tarot, tealeaves, crystals - or just energy - I will deliver an honest and informative reading, directly how I see it - no sugar-coating, and no avoidance of negatives (or positives).
I specialise in Love, relationships (romantic and non romantic). I use the connections you share with others to gain a deeper insight into the connections and challenges you may be facing, and I bring clarity and guidance to these situation you face, directly from Spirit.
I also specialise in career guidance. Whether you're fed up at work, or struggling with a particular situation. I will give my expert advice from Spirit here too!
Positive energy brings positive actions - The universe has a plan for us, but sometimes we need to help fuel the journey. So give a little smile, a laugh or a breath... things happen for a reason.
I love fitness training (being a qualified personal trainer along side my psychic life). Music and Travelling are also in my soul


I have been a medium all my life. I started reading for people using tarot cards when i was thirteen years old, and i loved it! I developed my spiritual connection throughout my life and worked closely - worldwide - in the paranormal and spiritual circuit

Client reviews : 1183   -   Average rating : 5
« As soon as our chat ended I got a message through from said person as you predicted!! Very good reading would highly recommend x »
    • Circle11270708
      On 22 September 2023

      As soon as our chat ended I got a message through from said person as you predicted!! Very good reading would highly recommend x

    • Suzanne
      On 01 September 2023

      I am so happy I managed to speak to Andrew today. I was really needing some clarification and Andrew gave it to me in a kind and direct way. Andrew is truly the best reader and I will always ask for his guidance. His connection to spirit is quite amazing but also his own advice and wise words are always so very comforting for me. I feel very positive tonight after our reading. Thank you Andrew once again for being there for me. Xxxx

    • Cbear13
      On 01 September 2023

      Oh my golly gosh… that was unbelievably accurate. Not a prompt, nothing. Absolutely, knew about POI. Like Andrew knew him personally. Honestly, the best reading I have had in a very, very long time. Gifted +++.Thank you! ✨

      Response from Andrew H on 01 September 2023
      Thank you so so much my friend - it was a genuine pleasure to read for you. Spirit and I are always here for you xx
    • Circle11283758
      On 27 August 2023

      Oh wow! Thank you for the most amazing reading! I have been wanting to chat with you for a while but you are always busy. I got lucky today! Am soo happy about this reading! Really hope and pray that the prediction pans out and the POI reaches out ????. God bless you. Xxx

      Response from Andrew H on 01 September 2023
      Blessings to you my friend. It is always an honour to help and guide in anyway we can. I look forward to hearing from you again soon :) xx
    • Abby S
      On 26 August 2023

      I am so very glad, I had the chance to speak with Andrew today. He made me make sense of stuff and it has made me feel better already. I can't ask for more from Andrew. I'll keep him up to date with things going forward. Thank you.

      Response from Andrew H on 01 September 2023
      It is always my pleasure to make sense of what I can for you... Myself and Spirit are always here for you to help and guide however you need xx
    • Stream25928
      On 25 August 2023

      Never enough time with Andrew! He is brilliant and I am a bit shocked with the new revelation he’s predicted! Brilliant as ever xxx

      Response from Andrew H on 01 September 2023
      Thank you my friend. Sometimes the universe throws surprises into the mix - it is all part of the plan ;) Shall look forward to speaking next time xxx
    • Jetfuel27
      On 25 August 2023

      just amazing as always. Reading's are always accurate, and predictions always come true. I'm looking forward to seeing how the next few weeks unfold .

      Response from Andrew H on 01 September 2023
      It has always been my pleasure reading for you :) Thank you for your continued faith in myself and Spirit :)
    • Star29
      On 20 August 2023

      Lovely chat with Andrew - its like chatting with an old fiend who can see the whole picture and give guidance and foresight.

      Response from Andrew H on 22 August 2023
      It Certainly is lovely to always chat to you my friend! Truly, myself and Spirit are blessed to have your trust in our guidance we bring to you :) xxx
    • Circle11921938
      On 12 August 2023

      The most kindest and the best!

      Response from Andrew H on 13 August 2023
      Thank you for the kind words my friend - myself and Spirit appreciate the trust in coming to us for your reading :) xx
    • Circle11155728
      On 12 August 2023

      Thank you for the reading and guidance. Found out from a colleague that manager is leaving. this should reduce my stress level. Thank you for the insights.

      Response from Andrew H on 13 August 2023
      I shall keep you in my prayers that the stress levels reduce. I know that good things are coming and there is a strong sense of positive breeding in your world my friend :) x
    • P1980
      On 11 August 2023

      Incredible as always. Andrew is so in touch with the situation and gives practical advice from himself and his guides. He is like a warm comfort blanket. He never fails to make you feel better and positive about the way forward. He’s wonderful & incredible. Get a reading with Andrew, if you can. He’s hard to get hold of, which says it all. Thank you Andrew for your advice with my job. This week has gone better than I thought. Your advice and guidance is truly appreciated xxx

      Response from Andrew H on 13 August 2023
      Spirit and I are always here for guidance, advice and reassurance. IT is always a pleasure chatting to you :) xx
    • Circle11921938
      On 27 July 2023

      Highly accurate as usual ❤️

      Response from Andrew H on 27 July 2023
      Always my pleasure to be there for you :) Me and Spirit are always grateful for your faith in our guidance xxx

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