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Hello! I'm Andrew. At the start of our reading i will connect to you using my spirit guides and energy awareness. I will ask you how i can help you, the name of those you wish me to look into. Then, using my Spirit Guides, I will connect to them as well. Using my awareness along with Tarot, tealeaves, crystals - or just energy - I will deliver an honest and informative reading, directly how I see it - no sugar-coating, and no avoidance of negatives (or positives).
I specialise in Love, relationships (romantic and non romantic). I use the connections you share with others to gain a deeper insight into the connections and challenges you may be facing, and I bring clarity and guidance to these situation you face, directly from Spirit.
I also specialise in career guidance. Whether you're fed up at work, or struggling with a particular situation. I will give my expert advice from Spirit here too!
Positive energy brings positive actions - The universe has a plan for us, but sometimes we need to help fuel the journey. So give a little smile, a laugh or a breath... things happen for a reason.
I love fitness training (being a qualified personal trainer along side my psychic life). Music and Travelling are also in my soul


I have been a medium all my life. I started reading for people using tarot cards when i was thirteen years old, and i loved it! I developed my spiritual connection throughout my life and worked closely - worldwide - in the paranormal and spiritual circuit


*UPDATED 2.3.23*
Wednesday morning from around 9.00
Early afternoon on Thursday.
Friday late morning and evening from 20.30 till late.
Saturday and Sunday evening.

Client reviews : 1064   -   Average rating : 5
« Reassured that Andrew gives the guidance I Need to get through. He is amazing »
    • Logans
      On 19 March 2023

      Reassured that Andrew gives the guidance I Need to get through. He is amazing

      Response from Andrew H on 19 March 2023
      Thank you so much for this! I am always here to guide you, always here to give you the truth of what spirit show in these times. It is going to be positive for you I can assure you :) xx
    • Stream1259
      On 16 March 2023

      Incredible reading! Andrew is an amazing psychic. I was feeling very anxious and stressed about work and relationships. He tuned into both situations by using his spirit guides and gave me so much hope. It felt as though a heavy weight had been lifted from my chest and I could breathe again! I was feeling frustrated with relationships and the POI as there's been no contact since last year. It was like a fantasy and a pipe dream that would never get off the ground. Andrew gave me that reassurance for work and relationships. He said things would improve over the next few weeks. I felt a sense of relief! Andrew is kind, emphaphetic and non judgemental. He is one of the best psychics on the circle. Thank you for helping me see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You've made this lady smile! Keep up the brilliant work. Jas xx

      Response from Andrew H on 17 March 2023
      Thanks for those words Jas. It is always my honour to put your mind at rest, to tell you truthfully what is happening and what spirit are showing... It is a genuine pleasure to help you my friend xxx
    • Caz
      On 16 March 2023

      Andrew is like a lighthouse that helps you to navigate the storms we all encounter in life. He shines his light on you, gives you hope and shows you that you have a path ahead which he will help you navigate. He is one of a kind, a true gentleman.

      Response from Andrew H on 17 March 2023
      Those words mean so much to me! Thank you so so much! I'm always here to light the way for you - it is my pleasure :) xx
    • Stream1259
      On 14 March 2023

      Excellent reading! Andrew tuned into relationships and the POI without any prompts from me. He's an amazing psychic and in a league of his own. Absolutely brilliant . He's kind , emphaphetic and non judgemental. Using his spirt guides, he was able to tune into the POI and explain why I was feeling so restless, emotionally drained and stressed. Apparently I was mirroring the POI and his emotions! Andrew has predicted the possible contact from the POI and I look forward to that day. Get in touch with Andrew via chat. He will blow you away with his insights and visions. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Andrew you're a legend. Keep up the amazing work. Love from Jas

      Response from Andrew H on 15 March 2023
      Thanks so much for your continued faith in the readings I give! As always I will continue to do my best and guide you as spirit see fit to :) xx
    • J1996
      On 14 March 2023

      Andrew is the best reader in the world . I really admire him ?? He is a great friend to me and I feel so lucky to have him in my life.

      Response from Andrew H on 14 March 2023
      I am humbled and lucky to have your faith in my guidance :) It is always wonderful chatting my friend :) xx
    • Circle11972588
      On 13 March 2023

      Andrew my dear friend you are exceptional, you've been on this journey with me from the very beginning. And you're a pleasure to talk with. You're my go-to, my absolute favorite. Can't recommend Andy enough. He's honest, straight to the point, nonjudgemental and he is literally the BEST. Thank you for being there for me always. ❤️❤️

      Response from Andrew H on 14 March 2023
      it's been a pleasure to share the journey with you. I shall be here anytime and every time you need me! Always wonderful to chat xx
    • Circle11194678
      On 11 March 2023

      Always a pleasure to connect with Andrew here. His answers are clear and to the point but give enough detail. He explains things well.

      Response from Andrew H on 12 March 2023
      Thanks, i always do my best to help give as much as Spirit give to me, and guide in any way i can to help you get to where you want to be :) xx
    • Stream1259
      On 11 March 2023

      Fabulous reading from Andrew! Andrew is brilliant and an amazing psychic. He tuned into relationships and the POI giving me confirmation that the feelings were mutual from both sides. He's kind, emphaphetic and non judgemental. He gave me so.much clarity and helped me feel optimistic about the future. He also said the POI would make contact despite his fear of the deep connection between us. Thank you Andrew. You're the best and a real legend. Thank you for making me smile again and giving me hope for the future. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Keep up the amazing work Jas xx

      Response from Andrew H on 12 March 2023
      Thank you SO MUCH!! for this review. Helping to guide those in need of help, clarity and guidance is the reason I do this So thank you and I shall look forward to our next chat. xx
    • Circle11843328
      On 09 March 2023

      Andrew is amazing! Such an empowering soul, bless you x

      Response from Andrew H on 09 March 2023
      Bless you too my friend! Truly it is my pleasure to guide you and help you :) x
    • Stream1259
      On 09 March 2023

      Amazing psychic. Andrew always manages to tune into the situation and give the clarity I'm looking for. He tuned into relationships and the POI relaying heart warming messages. Andrew always manages to help me feel empowered and positive about the future! He's a legend and I adore him and so will you. Get in touch with him via chat. You'll be blown away by his visions and insights. Keep up the amazing work. Love from Jas

      Response from Andrew H on 09 March 2023
      Thank you so much for this review and the faith in my and Spirit. Things are going to be amazing for you and this POI... life is a beautiful thing and this is going to be clear for you to see :) Shall look forward to more updates soon! x
    • Circle11155728
      On 07 March 2023

      Andrew tunes in very quickly and give insights to situations. Predictions have unfolded many times. I keep coming back to him for guidance . he is very skilled in getting the information to help. His skills are amazing!!!!

      Response from Andrew H on 08 March 2023
      I am so appreciative of your kind work and the faith you put in my readings with spirit. I shall always be here to guide you my friend! xx
    • Circle11510278
      On 07 March 2023

      Andy has been providing me great support for many years now. Been a star

      Response from Andrew H on 08 March 2023
      it has been a while, and i am still so happy and grateful to be able to guide you! xx

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