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As a clairvoyant I work very closely with my animal and spirit guides to answer the questions you have on your mind before you ask me. Using my trusted divination cards and the colours that vibrate from your voice, I can sense your areas of concern whilst being able to give helpful timings for future events.
Love & Relationships, Family, Career, Spiritual Teacher, Animals, Twin Flames
Psychic mentor and Clairvoyant since 1985, over 35 years experience of giving consultations.
Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Spirit Guides, Scrying, Dreams, Past Lives and Aura Vibration.
My Crystals and Pendulum help me to connect.
Normality is a paved road. It is comfortable to walk along but no flowers grow on it
I am a published Poet & Author.

Client reviews : 238   -   Average rating : 4.6
« Thank you so much Alison! You helped me so much and gave me some really useful tips. I’m going to start on my vision board this weekend :) thanks again  »
    • Amik
      On 23 May 2024

      Thank you so much Alison! You helped me so much and gave me some really useful tips. I’m going to start on my vision board this weekend :) thanks again

    • Stevie
      On 15 May 2024

      Thank you Alison for another wonderful reading. Alison is by far one of the best readers on this site and I highly recommend her. Stevie x

      Response from Alison Dak on 23 May 2024
      Thankyou Stevie for your review, and for being a great client to me and The Circle. Always happy to help you x
    • Circle12151068
      On 07 May 2024

      Absolutely wonderful, Alison cleared my problems and now know what to do about my future. Thankyou Alison

      Response from Alison Dak on 08 May 2024
      Very happy to guide and help you; I know you will be ok x
    • I1952
      On 23 April 2024

      Very helpful and soothing - thank you so much.

    • Tr
      On 19 April 2024

      Spoke to Alison before where she said about colours and she was sending healing to us both at 10pm every day this reading was slightly different but hoping the outcome will be the same

    • Rosh
      On 15 April 2024

      Lovely empathetic chat . Feel much happier about the situation

      Response from Alison Dak on 15 April 2024
      Thankyou Ros. Rocky will be fine and well looked after
    • Circle11656198
      On 10 April 2024

      Thank you for the advice lovely to have a reading with you I am gutted we got cut off

    • Steven
      On 11 April 2024

      Great reading, thank you for thr support, hopefully things change xx

    • Circle11620298
      On 31 March 2024

      Well what a reading, I was given so much clarity on a situation, the advice I’ve been given just confirmed what I need to do, Alison picked up on my situation in a very clear way, thankyou hun, I feel like there will be a way forward and I will remain positive and yea I will keep smiling - thankyou so much

      Response from Alison Dak on 02 April 2024
      Thankyou. Really glad the reading helped. Always a way forward, keep your thinking positive, and know you are a great person x
    • S1954
      On 30 March 2024

      Alison, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support you have given me since you have been my reader, well over a year ago. You are a wonderful reader, your accuracy and predictions have never failed and when I talk to you, I feel I am talking to a friend. with much love, Stevie xx

      Response from Alison Dak on 02 April 2024
      Thankyou Stevie for your kind words. Im glad I can help you alongside my spirit guides; keep positive and self motivated x
    • Lucy
      On 28 March 2024

      Alison is very good! She picked up on so much and validated many things! Thank you Alison????

      Response from Alison Dak on 29 March 2024
      Thankyou for your kind words Lucy. Glad you enjoyed the reading. Hope Peanut and Georgia are behaving themselves!! x
    • Fionabbb12
      On 28 March 2024

      Wonderful reading good insights and guidance

      Response from Alison Dak on 29 March 2024
      Thankyou Fiona, keep positive and all will be fine x

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