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At the start of the reading I’ll ask you to concentrate on the matter in mind while I shuffle my cards and tune in. As I lay down the cards the guides come in and the reading begins.

I promise to deliver all information in an empathic manner, with compassion and a light to help guide where you need to go next. We will always work with truths, no matter how difficult, as it’s easier in the long run.

During the reading you’re welcome to interact as much or as little as you like, it’s your reading. In the time we are together you will be my sole focus and you can be sure I’ll always be on your side.


I discovered my clairvoyance at 11 years old. It was a sudden awareness of what people were thinking and what was going to happen. In my early thirty’s I studied with a Tarot Master and have been giving readings for many years.


I’m usually on line Monday to Friday evenings 5-9pm and Monday, Tuesday and Friday mornings 10.30am until 1.30pm. If that varies I’ll put a message on here.
I’ll be away from Tuesday 14th March to Sunday 19th inclusive, back online Monday 20th at 10.30am

Client reviews : 114   -   Average rating : 4.8
« Very good answered my questions »
    • E1967
      On 12 March 2023

      Very good answered my questions

      Response from Alexa A on 13 March 2023
      Thank you for your review, I’m so glad to have been able to help. I felt we were attuned which made the consultation flow.
    • Circle11560958
      On 07 March 2023

      Very astute reader and to the point. Made tons of progress in this reading. Very appreciative.

      Response from Alexa A on 07 March 2023
      Thank you for your review, it was a pleasure speaking with you. The guides are close so know you’re not alone and will make the right choices.
    • stream_1932
      On 25 January 2023

      Alexa was very much to the point and told it like it is. Not really anything I wanted to hear, but realise she was very correct. Needed to hear some of these truths

      Response from Alexa A on 09 March 2023
      You are very brave and by working in the light you’ll move on more quickly. I could see you’d be happy again, sooner than you think. My guides and I are here for you.
    • Circle_11684028
      On 21 December 2022

      Very pleased with my reading Alexa was straight and correct in what she said. I will let you know what happens in the future but Alexa gave me good advise on how to go forward I would recommend

      Response from Alexa A on 10 March 2023
      I’m so glad you were happy with your reading and I’d love to hear what happened next.
    • dfchang
      On 22 November 2022

      Great talking to Alexa a no nonsense reading. Huge Thanks

      Response from Alexa A on 10 March 2023
      Always good to hear from you and I’m was pleased to know the reading helped.
    • Circle_11373548
      On 04 November 2022

      Thank you Alexa, He came back just like you said he would! Thank you for your honesty and predictions. Will keep you posted. Please give Alexa a call, you will not be disappointed.

      Response from Alexa A on 10 March 2023
      Thank you for your review, I’m always happy to help and to hear how things progress for you.
    • Circle_11128648
      On 27 October 2022

      Sorry the call cut off,I don't know what happened, it was a great reading, I'll be back later for the other half, many thanks, Olivia.

      Response from Alexa A on 10 March 2023
      It happens sometimes, Olivia, I look forward to speaking with you again. I’m happy to have helped you.
    • alfie03dog
      On 10 October 2022

      Alexa is always on point, accurate and transparent whilst also supportive and reassuring. Thank you, Alexa for all your help over the last few troubling weeks. I really appreciate it.

      Response from Alexa A on 10 March 2023
      Thank you for your review, you’re the real star here for making the progress you have.
    • stream_5217
      On 01 September 2022

      I didnt want to hear what Alexa told me in my previous reading but she was spot on .... I had mulled over what she told me about a man who was not being respectful or honest and put him to the test.... discovering she was correct .... it was a bit of a shock but a lucky escape .... I have so much to be grateful for with my family friends and work and this man was a blip who has helped me to be sure of what I dont want in future. Thank you for being so candid Alexa

      Response from Alexa A on 10 March 2023
      Thank you for your review, It’s always best to work in truths, no matter how tough, and your positive attitude will take you a long way.
    • Circle_12151948
      On 05 August 2022

      Alexa was such a lovely lady, she is very knowledgeable and I am extremely happy to recommend her to anybody.

      Response from Alexa A on 10 March 2023
      Thank you for your review, so happy to have helped.
    • Circle_11810788
      On 20 July 2022

      Tuned in

      Response from Alexa A on 10 March 2023
      Thank you for your review. A reading is a two way process and your positive energy helped a lot.
    • dfchang
      On 14 June 2022

      Well that was great Alexa, very good connection picked up on everything.

      Response from Alexa A on 10 March 2023
      Thank you for your review, so glad you’re happy.

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