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My skills come from reading voices in colour. Every person has a unique colour signature which I pick up from the vibration of the voice, allowing me to tune in almost immediately. As seen on TV, I have been a Spirit Medium for over 30 years and I am able to bring the Spirit World that little bit closer. 

Mediumship, relationships, work, personal direction, psychic development, lost objects, past lives, EVP, Ghosts The paranormal

I’ve been consulting on The Circle since January 2003. 


Medium, Voice Vibration, Personal Profiling, Auras and Angels.


I don't use any tools during my consultations. 


Be kind to everybody you meet. 


I teach Psychic development and answer questions on the paranormal. Writing, Past Lives, Future Lives, understanding Spirituality, Podcasting and Mediumship . I work in the media as a paranormal expert and guest speaker.


22 years of helping people on 'The Circle'. Author of seven spiritual books.
Mediumship, relationships, work, personal direction, psychic development, lost objects, past lives


Monday - Friday 1pm 4pm and on request please message me.

Client reviews : 237   -   Average rating : 4.5
« Thank you Dominic. Spot on reading xx »
    • A
      On 08 May 2024

      Thank you Dominic. Spot on reading xx

      Response from Dominic on 08 May 2024
      Lovely to meet you and thank you for top marks. Please let me know of how things go for you. I know this is the start of a new time in your life. I know how frustrating the past has been. Warmly Dominic
    • H1974
      On 01 May 2024

      Thank you so much Dominic , you made my day , ney , year . . Life !?! I do hope to meet you soon . Have a wonderful day , oh May Day ! May pole dancing is great ! ????️????❤️‍????????️✌️????????????✍️????‍♀️????????✨????????

      Response from Dominic on 01 May 2024
      Thank you how wonderful !! Lovely to know you x
    • Tr
      On 01 May 2024

      I spoke to Alison as you advised and she told me pretty much the same but still not heard a word so thinking is it time to give up did he get the permit after all

      Response from Dominic on 01 May 2024
      Hi Tr - you are the one that matters. Giving yourself choices is always worth considering.
    • Tr
      On 23 April 2024

      Hi haven’t heard a word from him at all when we first spoke it was originally 20-21 he be back and he hasn’t appeared also nothing at all so im guessing it’s over and he’s moved on and staying there without any barriers thank you for listening to me ramble on wish the outcome was different and I cud be positive but finding it hard right now

      Response from Dominic on 23 April 2024
      This is about you now - life is precious as is your time
    • Tr
      On 17 April 2024

      Spot on friendly and truthful hope it comes true

      Response from Dominic on 17 April 2024
      Thank you - Time will tell. Warmly Dominic
    • Stacey
      On 06 April 2024

      Thanks for the chat Dominic although I’m none the wiser & feel like I’ve lost everything????

      Response from Dominic on 06 April 2024
      Hi Stacey - The picture is not that clear for you, though I appreciate the respect you show me. I am always here for you as the future develops and starts to come into focus. Warmly Dominic
    • I1952
      On 05 April 2024

      Really strengthening. Thsnk you

      Response from Dominic on 05 April 2024
      Really good to connect, I look forward to continuing the conversation. Warmly Dominic
    • Jill1251
      On 05 April 2024

      Interesting, thanks!

      Response from Dominic on 05 April 2024
      Thank you, I really enjoyed out time together. Warmly Dominic
    • K
      On 04 April 2024

      Thank you so much for everything today, wish I had more time it goes so fast, I am going to try and come back soon. Dominic is amazing at what he does I felt so comfortable talking to him and his insights were spot on gave me some great ways to look at things and hopefully a way forward. Thank again Dominic your very much appreciated

      Response from Dominic on 04 April 2024
      Thank you I appreciate you taking time to leave such a lovely review. Warmly Dominic
    • H
      On 02 April 2024

      Thank you Dominic. Good to chat first time with you. The things we talked about make perfect sense. I realise I need to be patient with this. I will be in touch again.

      Response from Dominic on 02 April 2024
      Lovely to talk with you too. Always happy to listen and help anytime
    • N1977
      On 28 March 2024

      Thank you so much for your calm and wisdom today - You are right, I rarely reach out for help and it was amazing to hear that you were there when I needed to hear all of these things. I am feeling more settled already

      Response from Dominic on 28 March 2024
      Thank you so pleased you reached out today. I appreciate your words and rating. Warmly Dom x
    • Stream1724
      On 28 March 2024

      Brilliant reading and so accurate. Thank you so much xx

      Response from Dominic on 28 March 2024
      My pleasure , thank you for your kind words - lovely to meet you - Dom x

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