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My skills come from reading voices in colour. Every person has a unique colour signature which I pick up from the vibration of the voice, allowing me to tune in almost immediately. As seen on TV, I have been a Spirit Medium for over 30 years and I am able to bring the Spirit World that little bit closer. 

Mediumship, relationships, work, personal direction, psychic development, lost objects, past lives, EVP, Ghosts The paranormal

I’ve been consulting on The Circle since January 2003. 


Medium, Voice Vibration, Personal Profiling, Auras and Angels.


I don't use any tools during my consultations. 


Be kind to everybody you meet. 


I teach Psychic development and answer questions on the paranormal. Writing, Past Lives, Future Lives, understanding Spirituality, Podcasting and Mediumship . I work in the media as a paranormal expert and guest speaker.


22 years of helping people on 'The Circle'. Author of seven spiritual books.
Mediumship, relationships, work, personal direction, psychic development, lost objects, past lives


Monday - Friday 1pm 4pm and on request please message me.

Client reviews : 209   -   Average rating : 4.5
« Brilliant reading, i look forward to all your predictions. Thank you. »
    • Circle11368498
      On 01 September 2023

      Brilliant reading, i look forward to all your predictions. Thank you.

    • A1968
      On 10 August 2023

      I had a call with Dominic for the first time in 7 years a couple of weeks ago, and the reason I picked him is because of the fantastic accuracy he gave me the last time we spoke. His connection and ability to energetically profile personalities is mind-blowing. I left writing this review initially because I hadn't time to leave it, and then I forgot. But because so much of what he said has come to pass I knew I had to come back and leave this because it may help someone who is wondering whether or not to call or who to call. Dominic is great in all connections to spirit, but If you have a question regarding a specific person or situation then you'll not be disappointed. He truly helped me get out of my head and put perspective on things. Outstanding. xx

    • D1968
      On 06 August 2023

      Fantastic conversation with you today thank you very much morag

    • Jill1251
      On 06 August 2023

      It was really good to chat with Dominic this morning... He got me right away and offered wise counsel but also real hope for the future. Highly recommend! Thank you :)

    • Circle11782858
      On 20 March 2023

      Absolutely outstanding. A very interesting perspective as a reader and has an ability to finely tune into the POI on many levels. Mind blown and so helpful. Thank you so very much Dominic.

    • Circle_12049118
      On 01 June 2022

      Felt more like advice from himself than a spiritual reading. Advice encouraging to pander and lower boundaries so not advice I would take. This type of reading may be useful to others but not for me.

    • Circle_12020958
      On 25 May 2022

      Dominic said my energy would be different 24 hours from the time I spoke to him on the phone [the time of the reading]. This change of energy in me would come from a job offer and he was bang on the money. I wanted to know if I'd get a job I'd applied for which was the reason I phoned him. He was right in what he said. 24 hours later his prediction came true. It wasn't the job I asked him about that I got, but a different job. Well done Dominic.

    • Circle_11200398
      On 05 July 2021

      Dominic thank you so much for your teaching and guidance ???? I always enjoy talking to you. I love how you read and straight to the point.. you are a very gifted and amazing person. Thank you always. Love Nadia xxx

    • Circle_11681838
      On 20 February 2021

      Disappointed that you good offer no meaningful insight and just gave generalised advice. It didn’t feel like a spiritual connection at all more like counselling.

    • circle_11142578
      On 19 February 2021

      Good insight into how I am feeling. Really good reading, thank you.

    • JennyM
      On 06 February 2021

      Dominic gives insights that deeply analyzed my situation. His thoughtful words helped me feel more confident, to handle complexities and trust myself more. Thank you so much!

    • Circle_11976958
      On 12 December 2020

      Dominic, thank you for being my sounding board today, and getting my thoughts right. It was you ages ago, that put me on the path to follow a course to speak with animals, which I am doing now (not far to go). And you told me you wrote a book about auras, and animals, which I am certainly going try and find on the internet. Thank you for the lovely conversation and letting me trust you, and lending me your ear (are you deaf yet?). You are a good man, and keep doing what you are doing. x Wendy

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