What are the various types of clairvoyance?

What are the various types of clairvoyance?

What are the various types of clairvoyance? In the world of divinatory arts, clairvoyance is a very popular practice. Consulting an Advisor is useful when a person wants to know their future. Clairvoyance does not use any tools. Mantic arts are a technique of divination relying on various objects, such as a crystal ball or numerology signs. Before deciding on a type of clairvoyance, it is best to know how it works.

The various types of visions in divinatory clairvoyance

Clairvoyance is a divinatory art that does not rely on any objects. Advisors are therefore professionals with natural gifts of clairvoyance. They have the ability to find answers in the minds of their clients. There are several forms of clairvoyance.

Interpretation of the traditional type of vision

Good Advisors must be able to sense occult messages without the help of tools. They usually only have to concentrate to receive images in their mind. They can have inner visions like a series of coloured images.Outer images are invisible to the average person, yet they surround a person's aura. The medium perceives omens and signs. Dreams are full of meaning, and each person can interpret them freely.

Visions of the future or premonitions

Premonitions are meant to warn a person of a disturbing future situation. Images received by the reader can be a sign of danger, an accident, and sometimes death. The vision may be in the near future, in the distant future, or even manifest only in an uncertain form.

Prophetic and verbal visions

To make the right choices in life, nothing beats a prophetic vision. These pieces of mental imagery prompt particular acts to be taken achieve enlightenment. Mediums can receive flashes only in black, grey, or white. Verbal vision combines clairvoyance and clairaudience. Clairaudience refers to the meanings of spoken words and information.

Types of clairvoyance using objects: mantic arts

Mantic arts use various tools to interpret signs. It is possible to ask for a numerology, cartomancy, or astrology consultation. There are numerous objects used by mediums, such as a crystal ball, deck of cards, or horoscope.

The divinatory art of astrology

Astrology is one of the best-known forms of clairvoyance. This divinatory art has a long history and was practised in Antiquity. Knowing the sky and its map, as well as the signs of the zodiac, is a necessity. Many cultures around the world have developed their own methods of astrology: Tibetan, Chinese, or Mayan.

Tarology: divination by drawing Tarot cards

Cartomancy is still widely practised today. By phone or online, the drawing and interpretation of cards are very popular. When this practice focuses on the cards of the Tarot deck, it is called tarology. Advisors can focus their work on consulting an oracle, such as the Belline oracle.

Chiromancy, crystal ball, and numerology: other forms of clairvoyance

Chiromancy is the ability to read and interpret the lifelines of the hand. Numerology assigns a meaning to each number and numerical code. Crystallomancy is the art of reading the future in crystal balls.

There are many other forms of clairvoyance. Clairvoyance by phone is becoming increasingly popular, and the consultation is done by a professional. The Advisor can use any type of method: horoscope, oracle, or chiromancy. It is also possible to call upon a medium with the gift of clairvoyance.

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