Top 10 Advisors

Top 10 Advisors

Are you looking for guidance in your life? Our clairvoyance professionals have years of experience. Personalised horoscopes, Tarot, oracle, or clairvoyance consultation... our Advisors can help you in love or in your work and give a new meaning to your life. Consulting an Advisor can help you find clarity and understanding in your life. Here are our top 10 Advisors online.

1. Medium and Tarot Advisor, Naïma Atlas, visionary at heart

As an ultra-sensitive child, Naïma sought answers at a very young age in the Tarot. Using her senses and oracles, she guides you as closely as possible to become the best version of yourself. This passionate woman is our very favourite.

2. Clairvoyance and guidance, Vanina Brenner, 5-star review

With more than 49,628 calls received, Vanina has the ability to see beyond the natural world in phone consultations. Among the best in the field of clairvoyance and passionate about divinatory arts, her predictions can help you and guide you in any situation. Chat and the first 5 minutes of a call are free.

3. Medium and clairvoyance: Kevin Dauvergn, one of our top Advisors

In a chat or by phone, a medium since the age of 20, his clairvoyance consultations are always done with the same oracle. Future, relationship, love, work, and finances... you can ask him anything. Chat and free call for the first 5 minutes.

4. Sophie Enetari, a Kang medium, receives very good client reviews

Passionate about cartomancy and divinatory arts, this medium practices numerology and clairvoyance using multiple tools, such as the Marseilles Tarot or the Lenormand Tarot. Armed with her pendulum, her predictions for you and those around you will help you solve your problems. Her favourite saying? If destiny doesn’t help us, we will help it happen. She consults by chat and offers the first 5 minutes of calls free of charge.

5. Medium and flash since birth: Marie Lenz, 5-star review

A medium since childhood, her gift from birth was passed on to her from her mother’s side. Specialised in clairvoyance for over 25 years, Marie works with the sound of your voice and a pendulum. She has been selected in the official guide to clairvoyance and divinatory arts and will give you precise answers based on herflashes and senses. Marie is a specialist in conflict and problem solving. Your call, free for the first 5 minutes, can be about your relationship and shed light on certain signs of your life.

6. Kind without holding back the truth: Bianca Helena, 5-star channeller

Without relying on objects, Bianca has been practising mediumship since she was 17 years old. She’s 55 years old and perceives the state of mind and situations of individuals. The pendulum or the Oracle of Ge allows her to refine, accelerate, or confirm what she senses. Precise answers and indications of time, with a notion of heat and light, she can pinpoint the season, the month, or even the date of a prediction. Her clairvoyance is aimed at enlightening you in life. She also offers chat and free calls for the first 5 minutes.

7. Reader, fortune teller, medium: Kristel Horel, 5-star client ranking

Guided by voices, presences, messages, and premonitory dreams, Kristel has been clairvoyant since childhood. Her extrasensory faculties allow her to identify your problem during a consultation without prior questions based solely on the vibrations of your voice. Three words to sum it up: reader, medium, and oracle. She provides all these services by chat and calls free for the first 5 minutes.

8. Marseilles Tarot and predictions: François Villeneuve, 5-star client review

A tarot reader specialised in clairvoyance using the Marseilles Tarot, each consultation is dedicated to making your future possible. His favourite saying? Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: “As for the future, your task is not to foresee it, but to enable it”. The call is free for the first 5 minutes.

9. Twin flame and soul mate expert: David Roussan joins our top Advisors

With a total of 24,720 calls received, this specialist in karmic relations and problem solving is a true spiritual guide. Reunion, emotional return: this love reader serves you by chat or a free call for the first 5 minutes.

10. Medium, clairvoyant, and intuitive writing: Alain Firegnieline among the best Advisors

A specialist in intuitive writing for more than 30 years, he is a channeller. He analyses visual images and projections. You will always receive quality predictions, signs, and answers. Chat and free call for the first 5 minutes.

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