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I am a Psychic Medium & Spirit connect with me through listening to your voice or even your name then I see hear & they offer their guidance especially for you in many areas of your life offering gentle guidance on your next steps forward.

Love & relationships, family, loved, personal, home, key, loved ones in spirit, past lives, your power animal, dream interpretations, tie cutting, lost objects, people, pets.
Sensitive as a child, always just knowing, seeing and hearing more than others. I have been consulting professionally for for over 20 years.
Clairvoyant Medium
I See & hear spirit connecting to spirit guides yours & mine, also your loved ones in spirit, picking up on messages from them & visions, they love you to know they are near & only a whisper away.
Spirit may show me features of a future partner, or a particular area or a building which is called remote viewing which has been useful, also with lost items, even lost people or pets at times & even a finding a future home .

Dream interpretations are so interesting as I hear the guidance as soon as you start describing them.

Finding out your Spirit animal is really exciting too & once we link into this you will see evidence of this particular animal, creature, bird ... Every so often in future days, weeks, months & onwards just when you need that little bit of support or even to celebrate with you, reminding you they are there for you. You will find if you look up the characteristics of your power animal, how this will resonate with you.

Past lifetimes, At times certain events may be happening to you in this lifetime which can connect with a past lifetime, not as a carbon copy but similarities & showing you ways to work through this now.

I may turn to my Angel cards for extra guidance & I use my pendulum above two names such as your partner or a potential partner, also friends or relatives energies the direction of my pendulum shows me a yes or no energies direction or not at this moment in time. Upon request I can connect with no tools as I see & hear guidance.

Tie cutting in a unique way shown to me through Spirit, where I will share with you a beautiful gentle way to cut ties between you & a person or situation gently washing away the negatives & leaving all the good.

Spirit connects with me in many ways & with great humour at times which is wonderful, helping me incredibly in my every day life too & offer gentle guidance as life is full of ups & downs for us all & we love to share this with you & connect for the highest good.

Good thoughts
Walks by the sea,fun with my Grandchildren & family, travel, interior decorating, baking and crafts


Since childhood & professionally for over 20 years


March 2023
Thursday's Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays 6.30 am - 1pm
Amendments: Saturday 25 March 6.30am -12.30 pm

Client reviews : 347   -   Average rating : 4.7
« Always wonderful, thank you so much Pippa Jo xx »
    • Circle11621158
      On 20 March 2023

      Always wonderful, thank you so much Pippa Jo xx

    • Circle11171448
      On 20 March 2023

      5 STARS Plus I would have rated much higher if i could PERFECTION xxx

    • Stream13123
      On 18 March 2023

      Absolutely amazing; read without prompting and very tsratight , direct andhonest,. Highly recommend. Helped me see situation, and decisions, clearly.

      Response from Pippa Jo on 18 March 2023
      Hi 13123 Thankyou so much for your amazing review this means a lot Angel Blessings Pippa Jo
    • Circle12049118
      On 20 March 2023

      Pippa is such a nice lady, she always puts me in a good mood. Fast with her answers, no time wasting. Pippa is a grounded and confident reader, I come to her for lots of little things and she is always so helpful. Would recommend x

    • Circle_12556298
      On 12 February 2023

      Very thorough answered all my questions without any prompting Very friendly Do recommend

    • Circle_11587608
      On 02 February 2023

      Amazing reading, lots of evidence of loved ones. Thank you so much for all the detail given

    • Circle_11560958
      On 21 January 2023

      Thank you for this insight, which changes my decision more along with my feelings.

      Response from Pippa Jo on 06 March 2023
      Hi 11560958 Thank you so much for my lovely review & I look forward to connecting with you as you wish Angel Blessings ???? Pippa Jo
    • stream_7410
      On 12 January 2023

      Yes, good reader and let me ask lots of questions. Only had 20 mins so I had a lot of things to go through. Given more time I think she would have been able to say a lot more but certainly makes good connections and gives lots of information. Thank you Pippa

      Response from Pippa Jo on 03 March 2023
      Hi 7410 Thank you so much for my wonderful review my spiritual team connect with me immediately & love offering you guidance forwards. Angel Blessings Pippa Jo
    • Circle_12546118
      On 05 January 2023

      Several readings done, with predictions given that haven’t eventuated. POI seems to have moved on with his life as predictions don’t resonate. It’s unfortunate as these readings keep me from moving on but I will not be having another reading. It’s unfortunate but these readings do end up affecting mental health.

    • roosters2win
      On 16 December 2022

      Thank you for a very calming reading and for helping us with the lost package.

      Response from Pippa Jo on 09 March 2023
      Hi Roosters2win I am now able to see my previous reviews & would like to thank you so much for your kind words Angel Blessings Pippa Jo
    • Circle_11277648
      On 25 November 2022

      Giva good well-grounded advice/support.

    • Circle_11513818
      On 20 November 2022

      Pippa Jo is just amazing! I've had numerous readings with Pippa Jo over the years and she always astounds me. So many predictions have come to pass. A really lovely person who is very gifted. Thank you Pippa Jo (and sorry for always cutting off mid conversation!).

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