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Is your relationship causing you worry? I work with the angelic realm and spirit guides using angel cards and channeling. I connect to your aura and to the people that are around you to give you honest guidance that will help you clear the pathway ahead. This brings you comfort and empowerment so that you know the choices that you have and that the angels are always there guiding you to the most loving and positive conclusion. 
I specialise in Love and Relationships aswell as Dream Interpretation.

I was sensitive from a very young age and started by reading for friends and family. I have worked reading professionally for many years
I am Clairvoyant and Clairaudient

I work with the angelic realm and my angel cards. I can also work without cards if you wish, just ask me

I am filled with abundance, every aspect of my life is provided for.
Walking my dog, socialising and interior design.

Client reviews : 183   -   Average rating : 4.8
« As always an extremely pleasant experience with Helen's reading. Looking forward to my future with excitement »
    • Circle_11176648
      On 04 August 2020

      As always an extremely pleasant experience with Helen's reading. Looking forward to my future with excitement

    • stream_7031
      On 18 April 2020

      Thanks for the reading. You did great as always

    • Circle_11285418
      On 26 November 2019

      Helen has been amazingly accurate in what she tells me. I have had a few readings with her and each time she connects quickly and accurately. She reads specifics so well and gets it right each time with me! Thank you so much

    • Circle_11572258
      On 15 November 2019

      Some of the reading made sense but some was far out.

    • Circle_11186918
      On 28 August 2019

      Verified what I have been told by others which tells me I can trust the extra info I was given. Appreciated the honesty when chatting about career. Many thanks.

    • Circle_11171768
      On 26 July 2019

      Helen always puts her finger right on things.

    • Circle_11867658
      On 27 June 2019

      Given me so much clarity. I will keep you posted, thank you xx

    • pumpkin71
      On 14 June 2019

      Amazing, really saw the situation clearly. Not only that, tbh I was ringing for reassurance and I had spoken to her once previously (although I didn’t tell her and she didn’t mention it) and she said exactly the same as before.

    • email_pippaengl
      On 21 May 2019

      Really accurate

    • stream_26581
      On 12 March 2019

      Helen quickly tapped in and confirmed good news was on its way. Her reading lifted me. I am looking forward to the future.

    • Circle_11155728
      On 23 February 2019

      Have been speaking to Helen for a while about different struggles that has been thrown on my path. Helen said I was short listed but they were sorting the time schedule. Unbelievable but it was true as I have had an email saying just what Helen had conveyed. Waiting for the rest to unfold. Thanks

    • Circle_11307518
      On 17 December 2018

      Hey helen so lovely to speak to you after so long, what you said totally resonated with me and i will stay in my aligned state and enjoy my christmas. Sorry the phone cut i was in the kitchen and I've got poor reception here, have a lovely xmas, Sam xx

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