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Why are we here? If there is a meaning to this life it's our own, and constantly evolves through our experiences. I can say how I got here, on The Circle, which also seems to answer some of my whys... It all started with a challenge, if I went along to the local Spiritualist church, with my partner, then the next take away was a curry rather than a Chinese. I got my curry, while, at the same time, began wondering what the tricks behind psychics, and mediums, were. Be fair! I was born with a curious mind. By now I was attending the meetings most weeks. I realised I could only trust myself, so I went through the training to become a platform medium. Having a background in Biological sciences wasn't, actually, restraining. Dissecting, and divination are both learning from nature... (ish). Obviously, over the years, my thoughts have changed a tad. Especially when I was made redundant on a Tuesday afternoon, and, by Wednesday, was lined up to begin work on The Circle, simply because it was suggested by someone who was already a reader, I would never have thought of it otherwise.

You, possibly, know why you're here, reading this, but you don't, necessarily, need to have a reason right now. A lot of my consultations begin at one point, and then head off towards the Andromeda galaxy. I've found that is, often, the way of the world, and how my weird, space trucking, guidance operates. You might need to hop off along the way, even if you hadn't considered visiting the Pleiades cluster. It's not my journey, it's yours. Maybe it's all a happy accident that brought us together, here, and now. Possibly not, perhaps there's a plan behind the randomness.

I don't give readings from cards... I'm a channel, this is the only time I will admit to it. I am also a medium between you, and your, passed over, loved ones, too. This usually happens without any previous notification, and works best when not asked for. They need a few minutes to get over the surprise someone can hear them talking.

I never change what I've said, in a reading, if it felt right at the time it will look right, at the right time. I freely admit I'm not suited to everyone. If I feel you're wasting your time, such as waiting for someone, to come forward, or reconcile with, it's one of the first things that comes out. A lot of people, understandably, don't want to hear bad news. Of course, that's a biggie. How can I be so sure? Well It's from the physical feeling, of the emotional connection between two people. We have all experienced it, and, with a little practice, distance gets vaporised. So, basically, it's playing gooseberry while you're both sat on a park bench. I'm in the middle with a bag of duck food. I then try to use the energy to describe the other person. So, I'm a talking gooseberry... deal with it, I have to. If the feeling isn't there, then it's not there! It could exist at some point in the future, so, if I sense that, it's good news, but, with another proviso no one wants to hear, which is being patient. Oh, and before anyone asks, or complains, the ducks get fed before I log off from the system.

I will, actually, look at any situation, no matter how bizarre. In fact the only thing I won't consider in a reading is being judgmental. Buddhism taught me that one a long time ago. People do like to compartmentalise stuff, though, obviously, I prefer thinking outside the box. Anyway here's a couple of, short, lists...

Life areas covered...
Spirituality & Personal Development
Twin Flames
Past Life Questions
Lost Objects
Dream Untangling..
I also do this weird thing with pets, alive or passed over,. It just happens! I can't do it to order, and will never try.

My Abilities...
They're not gifts, so fancy wrapping isn't required. My connection is direct with wherever it is, Although I press the phone buttons using my fingers the rest comes from elsewhere. I do all the Clairs, but in my own, down to earth, way. It's the same with the Angelic, and other, realms. They talk, I listen, then relate straight back to you. In regards to dreams...(this may sound strange) but, I can, sort of, walk in to them, in certain cases. It's not the same as an interpretation!

If you really need a list, and some of you will...
I'm a
Clairvoyant (I see stuff)
Clairaudient (I hear stuff)
Clairsentient (I sense stuff)
Claircogniscent (I know stuff, which leads to a lot of, 'Reallys'?)
Angel botherer
Dragon botherer, (when the Angels can't be bothered)
Medium, (which includes your guides, and Angels joining in our conversation not just your departed loved ones)
Intuitive (I know I knew stuff, but don't ask me to explain how I knew it now you know I did)
Remote viewing, (Non-corporeal Netflix)
To be honest about the only thing I don't do is Unicorns. (Unless one turns up, which they have).

All of the above is going on throughout your consultation. I don't make a fuss about it, so, if you've had a few readings you may find my lack of illustrative expostulation refreshing as my style is conversational.

If you do decide to have a consultation with me can I please ask that you don't say,'Really!' In a shocked voice, (People do that, a lot). Oh, and it's a psychic line, don't be surprised when I say something, well, surprising. (People do this one too). I may, politely, ask you to stop giving me too much information, yes, I prefer to tell you what's going on, especially, at the beginning of our conversation. It's my way of setting up some rapport with you.

So that's me. I look forward to connecting with you, at some point, however, if you've decided I'm not right for you, which happens, I wish you well. One last thing... I never ask for a review. I feel that they should be at the client's discretion, that way they seem a little more valuable.

My mantras:
The truth will always be found three steps beyond our belief.
Never meditate deeper than the safe operating limits of the Angelic submersible.
The only difficulty in being aware of the underlying reality is getting it to shut up, occasionally.
Humanity has to know what's best, the Universe is content with knowing what's better..


I have been consulting here at The Circle since 2003. If there's a learning curve, I'm on it, somewhere. I am also a trained platform medium, and have taught on retreats.


Please note TIMES ARE ISH. (Apart from Tues, and Fri, when time is an illusion, non-exishtent, in fact)

5 pm to 9 pm Mon, Weds, Thu, Sat, Sun. is 5pm to 8.30 pm

Tues, and Fri... Watch this space........... until Weds, or Sat.,

Client reviews : 509   -   Average rating : 4.9
« Thank you again, Allan, for all of your explanations and reassurances. I just had to tell you about the second hawk. You always help me see things the way they should be and everything will take its course. I will keep you updated. Judy »
    • Ageless Rebel
      On 07 December 2023

      Thank you again, Allan, for all of your explanations and reassurances. I just had to tell you about the second hawk. You always help me see things the way they should be and everything will take its course. I will keep you updated. Judy

      Response from Allan on 07 December 2023
      Ya welcome, Judy. The reassurances come with the explanations, and to explain what's going on I have to be there, and share the energy. So, hopefully, that short explanation of the unexplainable should be reassuringly welcome. Thank you for taking the time to write your review, I sincerely appreciate each one. Alan.
    • A1960
      On 04 December 2023

      I have just had one of the most incredible and best reading from Allan. I am blown away on how accurate and precise he is. He gave me confirmation that I would only know right from the start. Allan is a down-to-earth person and does not dress anything up. He says it as it is. Thank you Allan. You are an angel!

      Response from Allan on 05 December 2023
      You needed the confirmations. It's not an easy path you're treading, and very brave of you to take on the challenge. Even the most courageous need to know they're not insane though. I did laugh out loud at your last sentence, we both know where that came from! Thank you for your kind words, and taking the time to leave a review. I, sincerely, appreciate each one.
    • g***
      On 04 December 2023

      Thanks for the reading Allan. I hope you haven't, with your bag of duck food, sank a few Mallards?

      Response from Allan on 04 December 2023
      Maybe I should amend the description on my profile page, and add... 'No ducks are, actually, harmed, in any way, during Alan's readings. Ducks are, actually, fed, appropriately'.
    • Circle11150728
      On 02 December 2023

      Sorry the call ended as we were chatting. You always manage to make me feel better about things. Thank you my dear friend xxx

      Response from Allan on 03 December 2023
      You're always welcome to any help I can offer. xxx
    • KK
      On 30 November 2023

      I agree, this was meant to be this evening and thank you. A very different style which resonated well with me and the animals from the Spirit world were spot on. So very true on so many fronts which you could never have guessed. You also put my mind at ease on a personal matter that you understood so well. Thank you Allan, I will remember this Reading for a long time and do what I can with the advice you have given x

      Response from Allan on 01 December 2023
      You're more than welcome to any help I have been, and, as always, it was a two way process. I'm grateful to you for your, unsolicited, insights into my profile page. It was a very long term reading so you will have a lot to remember, but, when the time is right I'm sure you'll be nudged appropriately. Thank you for your kind words, and for taking the time to leave me a review. x
    • Circle11150728
      On 29 November 2023

      I’m never disappointed with my readings. You’re amazing my friend. Your abilities are sky high xxx

      Response from Allan on 29 November 2023
      Angels don't have altimeters fitted, and dragons aren't afraid of heights. xxx
    • Stream26670
      On 26 November 2023

      Excellent and I hope all comes to fruition vv soon. ????

      Response from Allan on 26 November 2023
      Thank you for your kind words, and all the indications are it will be very, very soon too.
    • Annacacia20
      On 24 November 2023

      Thank you once again for the reassurance you always give. The thought of my own Christmas Carol/Scrooge story makes me very happy. It will be a massive change around as currently Mr Scrooge is telling me that I can not have security and if something should happen to him I will be homeless. He can not forgive or forget my past mistakes. So I await with interest. You are the kindest, most helpful reader on here and I thank you with all my heart xx

      Response from Allan on 24 November 2023
      It's been a long, and difficult journey for both of us, but it's worked out well enough so far. Even the impossible situations worked out, positively, in their own weird way. Whenever he's going on about something, he's also thinking about it too, so it's still looking hopeful to me. As for any help I have been, well, ya welcome. xx
    • Suzanne
      On 18 November 2023

      Thank you Allan you have calmed my storm tonight. You are so gifted. You bring calm and clarity. Thank you so much ❤️

      Response from Allan on 18 November 2023
      Calm, and clarity, is always around us, it just needs pointing out sometimes. All I did was show you where it was hiding so you could silence the tempest. I'm proud of you for finding the way forwards. It'll be OK, just accept there's no rush to resolution. Thank you for your kind words and taking the time to say them.
    • Circle11150728
      On 16 November 2023

      Got through everything I needed to know in True Allan style. The man is my hero xxx

      Response from Allan on 17 November 2023
      After an heroic struggle with temptation I will refrain from making a sarcastic reference to Superman in my response to your kind words. Instead, I will share with you the vision, I had, of the Batlight shining on the cloudy sky over Gotham city. Given what we were discussing that seems, strangely, appropriate. xxx
    • Circle11150728
      On 13 November 2023

      It’s been a number of weeks but I enjoyed another catch up with you Allan. There is no words for how much you have helped me with your gift. I believe in dragons and their protection. Full speed ahead from here on xxx

      Response from Allan on 14 November 2023
      It does seem that everything is coming together, well, at least the foundations to build on. Although I think an apology is in order for my giggles around some of the dragony doings to get their message across. Onwards, and upwards. xxx
    • Jetfuel27
      On 13 November 2023

      Allan has been reading for me for a while, and I love them. Allan is always on point, tells it like it is, and importantly, so far, his predictions have come true. Can't wait to see how things continue to unfold. Thanks Allan

      Response from Allan on 13 November 2023
      The cheque is in the post, honest. Thank you for your kind words, they are, seriously, appreciated.

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