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Tarot reading

What is a Tarot reading and what can it tell me? Find out how the Tarot cards can empower you for a positive future in love, work and happiness…

The Tarot deck originated from Europe in the 14th century. Tarot reading became more and more popular through the centuries and in 1910 Rider-Waite published one of the first Tarot decks which has continued to be one of the most popular throughout the history of Tarot. Tarot readings have been used over the years to provide insight and guidance to people, giving predictions for the future and foretelling outcomes of present situations. There are hundreds of Tarot decks for readers to use, with most readers often having a favourite deck that they finetune with their psychic ability.

What is a Tarot Reading?

Throughout the years, Tarot cards have been used as a tool by psychics to gather and provide more insight during a reading. A psychic may pick up on a certain situation but the Tarot cards often give a more detailed understanding. They provide the reader with certain information such as: descriptions of people, star signs, influential situations and positive or negative outcomes. Tarot Readers are not just reading the cards they use them in conjunction with their Psychic abilities to give defined individual information as in the article ‘Free Card Reader’. Tarot decks generally have 78 cards to complete the pack with 22 cards in the Major Arcana and 56 cards for the Minor Arcana. Each card has its own meaning and when laid out in a spread can give a bigger picture for the person, whether it’s about love, family, home or work. The Major Arcana significantly links with the person that the reading is for and the Minor Arcana provides insight on the smaller details or aspects surrounding that situation. A Tarot card reading therefore gives the querant full insight, highlighting key circumstances and the influences around them.

The Major Arcana

The Major Arcana cards in the Tarot deck relate directly to the person in the reading. They can connect with situations that may be current circumstances or predict future events. The Major Arcana can also highlight major life events whether they are from the past, happening right now or in the near future. The Major Arcana includes the following cards:

  • The Lovers Card - This card represents relationships, marriage and future love. It can be a strong indicator of a soulmate in your life. If the reading is not about relationships or love, it can signify a choice in a situation.
  • The High Priestess - This is a beautiful card which symbolizes knowing intuition, gut feeling and knowing. If you are unsure of a situation and you’re unable to make a choice, it encourages you to listen to your thoughts and feelings and reassures you that you may already know the answer.
  • The Empress - The Empress signifies a strong, nurturing woman and symbolizes that you can manifest your desires with abundance. The card can also represent you as the person having a reading and reminds you to stand in your power and be forthright. This is also the card for fertility.
  • Strength - This card reassures you that you have the strength to handle any situation in life. It gives you encouragement to trust and know that you are a strong and powerful person, even if you may not feel it right now.

What Can a Tarot Reading Tell Me?

A Tarot reading can give incredible guidance on a situation that is worrying you. It can see unexpected outside influences, unforeseen events and give you clarity on certain areas of your life. If you need general guidance in all areas of your life, then ask the Tarot reader for a ‘general reading’ but if there is something which is concerning you, then it’s a good idea to ask specifically about that subject. A good Tarot card reading will highlight the past, the present and the future and will give you a transparent viewpoint to how your choices can result in several outcomes. It can forewarn you and help you to choose a different path, or to have confidence in the one you’re on. Tarot readings are especially good in love readings, for example if you’re single and want to know whether you will meet your soulmate soon, then a Tarot reading can show someone coming into your life; it can give their star sign and even a description of what they look like and how you will meet.

Customer about TheCircle

Tarot reading
Tarot reading

''Donna was very helpful with details she gave me about me and my family. She sensed I am a very direct person. My sister can vouch for that as she says I am sometimes too opinionated. My Dad passed away last year and Donna described him as a grumpy, old man who led a hard life because he was bitter. She said he wanted to say sorry and he loves us. I could fully relate to this message because my Dad was an alcoholic who didn't show his love. Donna also spoke about my husband working at a building site wanting to leave his current job because of an over-critical foreman. He comes home everyday unhappy talking about relocating or leaving his position. She was right about my son being very sensitive and mixing in the wrong crowd of friends as well. Donna knew I told him to leave home 2 weeks ago as the situation became too stressful. She picked up he recently gave up learning to drive but wants to try again. My son wants to learn again as it will be useful for his work. It was a very pleasant experience having a tarot reading with Donna.Jackie, Buckinghamshire''

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