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Your Personal Year Two


The influence of numerology isn’t static. You are born with certain important numbers that remain with you, but you are also affected by your yearly cycle. This shows what you are likely to be dealing with in any year – your challenges and your opportunities. Knowing your Personal Year gives you the heads up, empowering you and enabling creative change.




To find your current Personal Year, simply add the digits of the day and month you were born to the year of your last birthday. So, just as an example, if you were born on 15th June 1980 your Life Path is:
1+5+6+1+9+8+0 = 30, 3+0 = 3 
During September 2015 your current Personal Year is found by adding:
1+5+6+2+0+1+5 = 20, 2+0 = 2
So your Personal Year is 2, until your birthday in 2016, when you will enter your Personal Year 3.



This is a year of you plus ‘another’. Probably this will be about you and someone with whom you have a relationship. It can also be about seeking, and finding a partnership. However, it may also be about you and a creative achievement, where you see yourself reflected and find fulfillment. It’s important to assess yourself clearly, although you need to be careful not to become too self-critical. You will naturally be less dynamic and forward-moving than you were last year, in your Year One, so don’t expect too much. As long as you are constructive and open-minded you are making the all the progress that you need.



You may now need to consider your work/life balance. Do you have enough leisure?  Do you think of others as much as you think of yourself? Is your materialism matched by your spirituality? During Year Two everything has a counterpart and you may be continually faced with choices. This can be a bit paralysing at times and is one of the reasons that Year Two can seem a tad low key, and even stagnant. However, you are learning things, and one of them is the need for patience – that sometimes there is a value simply to ‘be-ing’ and reflecting. Compromise is key, now, and if there have been quarrels, splits or estrangements bridges can now be built and understanding reached.


  • Don’t be negative.  It could be so easy to slip into a downward spiral
  • Avoid being pushed into making choices you aren’t ready for – play for time and meditate
  • Don’t avoid issues – you may not feel strong enough to tackle everything, but don’t pretend things are other than what they are
  • Whatever you do to make things easier for yourself, never lie to yourself
  • Being a wimp – saying ‘maybe’ is a million miles from saying ‘yes’ when you mean ‘no’


  • Join a dating agency, if you are looking for love
  • Sort out relationship issue and maybe consider couple-counselling
  • Having supportive personal counseling should also be helpful
  • Start joint projects or focus on activities that require a companion
  • Be totally honest with yourself and remember feeling something isn’t the same as acting on it
  • Play Agony Aunt
  • Read the small print – details matter now
  • If at all possible make peace with people or issues that have been bugging you
  • Choose well whom or what you commit your time and energy to – the success of this year is largely defined by this
  • Be calm and placid, and if this is hard for you put some effort into learning the skills of relaxation



Even if you are usually quite a solitary or independent person, a wise man wrote ‘no man is an island’ and during your Two year you can discover just what these links mean to you. How can you make them better? How can you make sure that you are spending time with people that are right for you? Start by noticing very carefully how you feel after being with someone. It’s easy to repress personal reactions when getting on with life, but if your boss, colleague, flat-mate, partner or best friend makes you feel low, drained or bad about yourself, then you need to make some changes. Make sure you understand what’s going on inside you and what you would like to happen. At the moment you may not feel like taking decisive action, but a true awareness of needs and emotions are what count. To a lesser extent your creative schemes also matter. For instance if you are painting a picture, learning an instrument, or even re-decorating your home, ask yourself if this is really answering something inside you and giving you balance. If the answer is no, then don’t you owe it to yourself to move on? 
Check out other articles on this site to find your important numbers. In particular read YOUR INTRODUCTION TO THE AMAZING WORLD OF NUMEROLOGY and YOUR PERSONAL YEAR ONE. Meanwhile, for help in the way you run your life, call our inspiring Readers and talented Psychics at TheCircle. Tarot, for instance, is a marvellous tool for insight. We offer Tarot Card Readings and other Readings to empower you and make you feel encouraged.


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