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Your Number Two


Find out now how that shows in your life.So you’ve checked out your Five Formulas and Number One figures in your make-up.  Find out now how that plays out in your life.





Who’s always putting people at their ease, bustling about in the back room, making sure everything’s in place for comfort and smooth-running?  It could well be you, because your mission in life is to spread contentment.  If disagreements happen between friends, you’re the peacemaker.  Being needed is what matters most to you, and you have to be a bit careful that you don’t try too hard to please.  Tea and sympathy is your speciality, and you’re the one who gets the midnight phone-call as friends’ lives hit a crisis.  Yes, they take you for granted, but you don’t mind.  Your own wishes get lost without trace but just occasionally something trivial hits a nerve and you kick off big-style – then you’re the one who needs calming!  Indecision is your bugbear – forget logic and follow intuition.

•    Avoid being placed on the spot – always have a get-out clause.
•    Feel the fear and do it anyway – it cant be that bad!
•    Ask for support.  People cant read your mind.
•    Keep a compliments diary to lift you when you feel badly-treated.



You need a partner in almost everything you do.  This can be great, or a recipe for heartache and frustration – it all depends how carefully you choose.  Try not to be so needy you grab on to the first person who makes a move on you.  This applies to friends and colleagues as well as lovers and life-partners.  In a couple you do achieve more, and you have sharing and compromise down to a fine art.  You are quite happy to be the ‘power behind the throne’ but you must keep shared ideals in mind and not just cave in to unreasonable or dodgy demands by your partner.  Love and compassion, peace and harmony – these are what motivate you and it’s important to keep impartial, because if you take sides and fight blindly you risk your peace of mind.  Always protect yourself because you can only help others if you’re strong.

•    Talk through hurts and worries with a trusted friend – another perspective will help.
•    Meditate regularly to get in touch with your intuition.
•    Always have something to nurture.



Most of us dream of a soul-mate, but for you this could amount almost to an obsession – you believe you can’t be complete without this essential other half.  Because you are a perfectionist, this may not always go as smoothly as your dreams, partly because you can be quite critical at times.  Don’t fall into the habit of thinking life has let you down.  Try to count your blessings.  You are on a search for wisdom and tranquility, and while a soul-mate is wonderful, often we are brought together to learn something rather than always ‘happy ever after.’  If you let yourself relax and trust you will find so much in the world, and in Nature, to make you feel fulfilled.  Don’t look for trouble – it may be that what you dream of has been walking by your side all along.  Here are your mantras:

•    Love walks with me so I am never alone.
•    Two heads are better than one – usually!
•    I am balanced and in harmony.
•    I never judge another till I have walked a mile in their moccasins.



As you were growing up, it’s likely that fairness was some kind of an issue.  You may have been called upon to look after a sibling or parent, or it maybe that a cold kind of ‘equality’ stymied empathy, leaving you always wanting something.  You can rise above this and realize that what matters is general kindness and respect.  People may want you to make their decisions and you may be great at sorting out their priorities while you agonize over your own.  Your task is to learn to compromise, not with others but with your own high standards.  See the beauty and positive qualities in yourself, because if we cannot forgive ourselves, then neither can we forgive anyone else.  Appreciate yourself and your relationships with others will be deeply fulfilling.  Learn these lessons:

•    Accept occasional disharmony as a route to something more meaningful.
•    Accept your own feelings and needs as truth, and a starting point for a fulfilling life.



Playing Cupid, soothing hurt feelings, making sure there is a place for everything and everything in its place – what would they all do without you?  No-one is indispensable but you’d be missed more than most, even if you don’t always get the gold stars you deserve.  Not that you’re really bothered, because you get a buzz out of seeing the smiley faces, although if you have more assertive numbers in your ‘formulas’ you could feel resentful – and this could bring out sharp comments.  Try not to worry about criticism – come up to your own standards and be content.

•    Get a friend to help with boring tasks and have a giggle together.
•    Make sure you flag up what you’ve done.
•    If something won’t matter next year, forget it!
•    Plan a secret treat for yourself.
Check out the other numbers in your make-up.  You’re a blend of several numbers, so TWO won’t be the entire picture.  Meanwhile, for help in the way you run your life and insight into your abilities, call our inspiring readers at The Circle and feel encouraged.


PUBLISHED: 28 October 2014

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