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Your Number Six


So you’ve checked out your Five Formulas and Number SIX figures in your make-up and read 'Your Introduction to the Amazing World of Tarot'. Now, find out now how that shows in your life.




Often on a charm mission, you love to spread sunshine.  You have a talent for creating beauty and balance wherever you are, whatever you’re doing.  You like tidiness and order, and in your home everything is well-chosen, easy on the eye and as calming as possible.  You enjoy entertaining, and making sure that everyone is comfortable and happy.  Probably you are admired for your personal grooming and fashion sense, because you know how to make the best of yourself.  But this isn’t superficial – you truly want to bring harmony and you are a great peacemaker.  Tolerant and patient you may be, but you can be stern if you think anything is unfair or hurtful.  Occasionally the fact you bottle up your own feelings comes out in a burst of bad temper and your inner competitiveness can cause you stress.  Just remember you have nothing to prove.
•    Learn to say how you feel – this will be easier, long-term.
•    Don’t stress if everything can’t be perfect – be content with a perfect corner.
•    Enjoy gossip, but always say something nice yourself.
•    Be careful not to over-commit.



It’s important to you to play a significant role in your community and you may well have a vocation.  As a child you may have dreamed of being a doctor, nurse, teacher or social worker and even if you don’t end up doing this, caring and healing will still be part of what you do.  It can be hard for you to make decisions unless you feel the group you’re in agrees with them.  You see the Big Picture but may try too hard to be all things to all people.  Although you’re a fabulous team-player, you need also to get away from it all to recuperate, but this may cause you to feel guilty -don’t!  You encourage creativity in others and are yourself artistic in some way – creating comfort, beauty and grace is what life’s all about.
•    Invest in one or two lovely works of art to give you joy.
•    Keep everything tidy – it enables you to think straight.
•    Find the right group to be part of.




Beauty and tranquility are as necessary as air – and in fact without them you can become ill.  Luckily you are able to see beauty where others only see what’s ordinary.  You have the gift of being able to concentrate on what’s lovely and rise above the rest.  Creating a wonderful ambience is your forte, and sometimes you like to retreat to your own tranquil haven, as all the cruelty and sadness in the world can hurt you deeply.  Family and friends are your world, and you’re a sentimentalist, loving to be surrounded by photos and memorabilia.  Refined routines, such as a herbal tea at 3pm and a scented bath at bedtime are very important to you.  Always nurture the little child within yourself.  Here are your mantras:
•    A thing of beauty is a joy forever.
•    If music be the food of love, play on.
•    I am part of the family of Earth.
•    Peace at any price – almost!



Family is key to you and you may well have been the one who smoothed things over and sorted squabbles when you were growing up.  You may have looked after younger siblings or made peace between arguing parents.  Having a home and family is the essence of life to you, to the point where you sometimes go for the perfect image – best house, best car, highest-achieving children – rather than letting go and trusting your own calmness and fairness will shine through.  You may find that the past clings, and you are the one running around after your extended family, holding things together and making it all seem good.  Learn from what’s gone before and move on, for then you will truly be able to create domestic bliss.  Learn these lessons:
•    A family is made up of individuals free to be themselves.  That includes you!
•    Never be taken in by appearances.




Your present an image of perfection and secretly you rather like the fact that people envy you your style – that’s because deep inside you aren’t totally secure about your attractiveness.  Your favourite word may be ‘yes’ as you long to be liked and accepted.  Being a joiner suits you and you may be good at organizing outings for the group – although you’ll worry endlessly about getting it right.  Sometimes people think you’re a soft touch, but they find out otherwise if they’re cruel or unpleasant to your friends.  Never meddle in others’ lives and try to do something for charity, to give your efforts deeper meaning.  That way you’ll feel truly content.
•    Give support only when asked.
•    Practice at least saying a partial ‘no’, so it gets easier with time.
•    Be firm about your core values.
•    Learn when to get up and leave.
Check out the other numbers in your make-up.  You’re a blend of several numbers, so SIX won’t be the entire picture.  Meanwhile, for help in the way you run your life, call our inspiring readers at The Circle.  Tarot, for instance, is a marvelous tool for insight.  We offer tarot card readings and other readings, to empower you and make you feel encouraged.

PUBLISHED: 26 February 2015

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