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Your Number Seven


So you’ve checked out your Five Formulas and Number Seven figures in your make-up read 'Your Introduction To The Amazing World Of Numerology'. find out now how that shows in your life. 



Often you seem to be ‘in a zone’ and it’s hard for people to get through to you.  Even when you’re concentrating on something there’s a part of you that isn’t totally ‘there’.  You’re a deep thinker, and you tend to go off at an angle, exploring subjects that others haven’t even considered.  People may not understand you and you aren’t keen on explaining yourself.  You enjoy being mysterious, but it’s also hard for you to put your feelings into words.  Things tend to just ‘happen’ around you, and it might not be obvious why.  Sometimes you’re a rabbit-in-the-headlights, but it all works out in the end.  Your standards are very high and you can overcomplicate life, but your spot-on intuition ensures you get back on track.  You’re psychic and magnetic, so relax and listen to your inner voice.
Learn to meditate so you can think more clearly.
Find something really worthwhile to delve deeply into.
Develop your intuition with something like Tarot or astrology.
Get a good education – it will focus your mind.


You seek knowledge for its own sake, but also because it makes you powerful.  Having plenty of options in life is vital to you, so you develop a wide skills base.  To feel safe you need to understand as much as possible of the world and how it works.  However, once you have all the gen you may decide to keep it to yourself.  The paranormal interests you, but you take nothing at face value – you question, analyse and get to the bottom of things.  Education is as essential as the air you breathe, and you need as many mental challenges as possible to stop you thinking negatively.  Follow your hunches and practice creative visualization, to reach your goals.
Spend regular, useful, time alone.
Find something interesting to probe, such as your family tree.
Do puzzles and crosswords to distract you from negative thinking.


For you, reality as we know it is too boring.  The truth is you know deep within that what we call ‘reality’ isn’t at all the way it seems.  You long to dive beneath the surface and experience other states of being.  Fairies and aliens, witchcraft and magic – you’ll explore them all.  You love to be alone, especially in nature, and privacy is essential to keep you serene.  However, you also need intense contact with others.  Your imagination is very vivid and you should make sure to use it creatively. Here are your mantras:
Anything is possible.
Prayer can change the world.
The Divine is all around.
In dreams begins responsibility.


Probably there has always been some kind of a puzzle or mystery around you.  As you grew up you may not have been quite sure what was going on.  There may have been family secrets, or your parents may have purposely concealed something from you, to shield you.  Now you make sure you’re one jump ahead.  You want to protect yourself and occasionally you may see trouble where none exists.  Your destiny will take you down unusual pathways and you may feel entrusted with a mission that no-one would understand.  When the going gets tough the tough get going – in some way or another you are likely to make an impression.
Learn these lessons;
Stop imagining the worst – imagine the best to bring it about.
Ensure your goals have deep meaning for you.


What’s going on behind your mask?  In the nicest possible way you can be a tad spooky at times.  From time to time you speak out loud the very thing everyone else has been thinking.  Talking about your feelings is another matter, and often you prefer to keep these to yourself.  You sense the mood of the crowd and protect yourself by withdrawing now and again, although probably no-one has any idea how sensitive you are.  You love to daydream, but often what you visualize is focused and you bring about changes that seem magical – maybe because they are!
Put on a cheerful face if you really want to hide your feelings (it will cheer you too)
Trust sometimes – it will mean you are trusted.
Be careful what you wish for!
Learn acceptance – you don’t have to understand everything.
Check out the other numbers in your make-up.  You’re a blend of several numbers, so SEVEN won’t be the entire picture.  Meanwhile, for help in the way you run your life, call our inspiring readers at The Circle.  Tarot, for instance, is a marvelous tool for insight.  We offer tarot card readings and other readings, to empower you and make you feel encouraged.
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