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Your Number Eleven


So you’ve checked out your Five Formulas and Number ELEVEN figures in your make-up. See also YOUR INTRODUCTION TO THE AMAZING WORLD OF NUMEROLOGY.



Eleven is a ‘master number’ – it is the higher vibration of TWO and to some extent it’s up to you whether you rise to it. Do you want to answer this call, and perhaps take on extra responsibility? Find out now how this could show up in your life.
Two is a receptive, intuitive number, but working as Eleven, you can find effective words to express your thoughts and beliefs.  Eleven has been called the number of the prophet. Partnerships are carried to the next level so the relationship talents of Two work with groups of people. There may be an element of sacrifice, where you give up something you want, for the greater good. You need plenty of objectivity and common sense.  Depression could arise if you get let down or disillusioned, so be aware and take steps to look after yourself (which you may forget to do). Always balance your beliefs with humility and your inspiration with realism – then you’ll be amazing!
You’re a great listener, and you listen with your heart as well as your ears.  Just your presence can be soothing, although you probably feel you’ve never done enough.  You have sound intuition, which can sometimes be unsettling, so you need to stay calm and keep things in proportion.  Deep inside you have a sense of mission, but of course you need to be very careful that you don’t become a martyr. Sometimes you come to a grinding halt because you feel that nothing you do is good enough. That’s when you need to count all that you’ve accomplished, large and small, because it all matters. 
Remember, common sense is key.
Look after yourself first, others second.
Of course a Life Path number will always reduce to Eleven, before Two, but these energies are available if you want them. Try not to obsess over trivial matters. Make sure your ambitions matter, generally, and think sometimes of the human race as your ‘partner’, if you can do this without stressing.  You can accomplish very worthwhile things for charity, with love as your motivator. 
Find out what can really support others – don’t get carried away by sentiment.
Choose a career that benefits the world at large.
You may relate to dreams more easily than real people, and you may yearn for a cause that is ‘bigger’ than you, in which you can lose yourself.  This means that a true spiritual path is a must for you, so you have a guiding framework. Your mantra is;
If you don’t have a dream, how can you have a dream come true?
If you relate to Eleven as a Destiny Number then you may make considerable sacrifice for your family.  The human race can also be your ‘family’ and you may yearn to open people’s eyes to see the wider picture and to consider each other.  Possibly you could be over-zealous and dogmatic but you can avoid this by remembering that people have to awaken to their own vision, not yours.  Learn this lesson:
Keep to the spirit of the law, not the letter.
You could be seen as the one with a message.  Friends may respect you for your ideals and spirituality, or see you as being ‘in a zone’.  It may disappoint you at times that folk seem so unaware of what truly matters, but you do more good than you realise. 
Forge a strong link with your spiritual source through meditation, ritual or whatever seems right.
Check out the other numbers in your make-up. You’re a blend of several numbers, so ELEVEN won’t be the entire picture. Meanwhile, for help in the way you run your life, call our inspiring readers at TheCircle. Tarot, for instance, is a marvelous tool for insight. We offer tarot card readings and other readings to empower you and make you feel encouraged.
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