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Your Number Eight


So you’ve checked out your Five Formulas and Number EIGHT figures in your make-up and Your Introduction to the Amazing World of Numerology.  Find out now how that shows in your life.




You like to be important, not because you’re an egotist but because you feel it’s up to you to take control.  Challenges bring out the best in you, and while you are very practical, you also keep in mind the Big Picture, so you can manage and organize on a large scale.  You are comfortable being a leader, but you feel that it’s up to you to make sure people understand your plans and want to follow them, rather than charging off ‘on a mission.’  Whether it’s a corporate event or a social function, you can make sure it’s running smoothly.  Charming and self-assured, usually you bring out the best in others, but your high standards may mean you struggle with delegating.  Often your pride prevents you asking for help – and your sharp wits mean you get by without it.
•    Remember to give others some responsibilities – it will enrich you both.
•    Strive for ‘power to’ not ‘power over’.
•    Avoid being placed on a pedestal, because it’s stressful.
•    Have a nest egg that you protect, no matter what.




Being very aware of power-structures within the collective, you are determined to be part of them and very able to achieve this.  You want choice, freedom, scope for effective action on a large scale.  Although you may judge everyone, including yourself, by possessions, you are aware that this isn’t the full story, and that fulfillment comes in other directions.  Having said this, you need to be careful not to over-invest in status symbols.  Determined and driven, you take yourself very seriously.  Other people are often aware of your powerful presence (despite the fact you may also be aware of theirs and even feel insecure).  In the end you need to find deeper meaning in all you do, so you can benefit on all levels.
•    Get some high-quality training in business/finance.
•    Study your favourite successful person and learn from them.
•    Create a five-year game plan, which you regularly up-date.




Something inside you will only blossom if you can make an impact, make a difference.  Your intuition shows you clearly which path leads to the bright lights, but other people may not guess this.  You are the type who may be described as an ‘overnight success’ when actually you have been quietly grafting for ages.  Lovely possessions are balm to your soul, but you do not necessarily value them for themselves – it’s their ability to set you free from the mundane that matters.  One of your greatest challenges is letting go of those you care about.  It’s hard to watch them struggle, but the greatest gift you can give may be the freedom to make their own mistakes. Here are your mantras:
•    Onwards and upwards.
•    True power is power over myself.
•    I am a force to be reckoned with.
•    The secret of success is constancy.




As you were growing up, power and status were probably an issue.  Your family may have felt they needed to fight for their position, or they may have had an image to uphold.  So you may have been left with a sense of responsibility and you may have felt burdened by this.  Concrete achievements bring you the greatest satisfaction, and you may scheme and manipulate in order to get them.  You tend to push yourself beyond your limits, and even when others think you’ve ‘made it’ you still want to do more.  Occasionally your fears get the better of you, but you need to remember that all successful people have failed at some point.
Learn these lessons;
•    Regard your mistakes as chances to learn.
•    Never let fear hold you back.




Why do you always have so much to do?  And why is it that however much you achieve, there is always something else?  For some reason you may feel guilty if things aren’t right.  You’re a perfectionist, but at times you need to pull back and say ‘Not my problem’.  You are eye-catching and may dominate your circle, so remember to let other people get a word in, too.  Being knowledgeable, you’re often asked for advice, but you should never feel obligated.  You can bite off more than you can chew – don’t be afraid to ask for help – others will take it as a compliment. 
•    Never compare yourself to others.
•    Avoid showing off – you’re too good for that.
•    Keep to what’s manageable if you want excellence
•    Admit your weaknesses – it’s a sign of maturity.
Check out the other numbers in your make-up.  You’re a blend of several numbers, so EIGHT won’t be the entire picture.  Meanwhile, for help in the way you run your life, call our inspiring readers at The Circle.  Tarot, for instance, is a marvelous tool for insight.  We offer tarot card readings and other readings  to empower you and make you feel encouraged.

PUBLISHED: 23 April 2015

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