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The Wildwood Tarot Deck


Why are tarot readers applauding the Wildwood Tarot? What makes is stand apart from other tarot cards and what makes it so appealing?


The Wildwood Tarot was created by Mark Ryan, John Matthews and Will Worthington and is a rebirth of The Greenwood Tarot, first published in 1996 and no longer available. Wildwood Tarot is based on the seasonal rhythms and festivals of the ancient year, using mystical archetypes in nature and illustrating pre-Celtic mythology and shamanic mysteries. It takes us back to the older style of tarot and invites us to relinquish the modern-day view and delve in to our mystical senses once again. Wildwood tarot card decks are made up of 78 cards, recreating the magic of the tarot with illustrations and images of classic forest characters.





Standard tarot decks are often the same named cards with different images. The Wildwood tarot stands apart from typical tarot decks by introducing its own unique characters, and although it follows the Rider Waite structure with 78 cards, 22 trumps and four suits, it differs in many ways with its own Wildwood tarot meaning. The four suits in the Minor Arcana are - Arrows, Bows, Stones and Vessels and the King, Queen, Knight and Page of each suit are instead animals.






The major arcana are the cards that give the strongest messages, the cards that rule any tarot deck and can give detailed guidance with just one card alone. The Wildwood tarot card spreads best advise the person who is having the reading, guiding them with the major arcana cards and an interpretation of the Wildwood tarot meaning. Here are some of the major arcana:

The Seer – also known as ‘The High Priestess’ in other decks, the seer relates to wisdom, intuition, psychic abilities, knowledge and power.

The Green Woman – also known as ‘The Empress’ in other decks, the green woman represents fertility, motherhood, a happy home, comfort, peace, marriage and contentment in life.

The Green Man – also known as ‘The Emperor’ in other decks, the green man represents a dominant male, a strong male influence, possibly a father figure or spouse.

The Forest Lovers – also known as ‘The Lovers’ in other decks, the forest lovers reflect romance, engagement, marriage, affection and sexuality. It can also mean choice, and highlights making important decisions.

The Wheel – also known as ‘Wheel of Fortune’ in other decks, the wheel in a Wildwood tarot reading denotes that fate will take charge, often that a nice surprise will be in the offering and that you just need to trust that you are on your correct path.

The Journey – also known as ‘Death’ in other deck, although the journey card may seem ominous, it signifies rebirth, renewal, endings and new beginnings. It often is a welcomed card in Wildwood tarot card spreads, showing that this is a time of new starts.

Wildwood tarot card spreads enable the reader to connect with nature and the universe…





Tarot readers, psychics and others who work with cards, report that the Wildwood tarot reading allows them to give much more detailed guidance. Different tarot cards can be used by any tarot reader, as long as they understand the basis of the cards and use their intuition by looking at the imagery to give as much insight as possible. Wildwood tarot card spreads enable the reader to connect with nature and the universe, and perhaps more mystical pictures, help to open up the third eye. Tarot readers report that one of the most striking things about the deck and one that makes it easier to connect, is the use of birds and animals, rather than people. The images are beautifully natural and symbolically working with the earths elements of trees, plants, rocks, frees us from the concept of people, gender, age and status.
Tarot cards highlight current situations and concerns…





A good tarot reading with tarot cards gives detailed insight, whether you want a general reading on the coming six months or a reading on a specific subject. The tarot cards highlight current situations and concerns and can forewarn us of future events and how best to deal with them.



Find out what your future holds and try a Tarot reading with the UK’s best readers at TheCircle. The Wildwood tarot reading connects us to not only current and future life, but with nature’s influence it gives us the backing of the universe. Tarot readings can be an amazing experience in empowering us to get control of our life.



PUBLISHED: 20 May 2016

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