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Two of Cups


Two of Cups Meaning



The Two of Cups tarot card ask us to be vulnerable, open and ready to commit. This card brings all of this energy and more, bringing two people together to reach a point of emotional communion that can bring lasting relationships. You will not only be looking for this energy but you will be attracting it. It is time to merge lives as you intwine your life with another’s, and open yourself up to new possibilities. This card is for harmony and co-operation and is not about losing yourself in love, but by learning how to be yourself completely whilst in love.



The Two of Cups in Love


It doesn’t get much better than this in a love reading. Love is literally in the air. Enjoy the passion, excitement and sense of fulfilment this energy can bring to your love life. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and open as this is the only way to feel fully connected and loved.

Whether this is a relationship that is starting out, making deeper commitments, or rekindling passions, you are going to be hit by waves of love that are going to create strong, lasting bonds.



The Two of Cups in Life


Work: The two of cups is power-couple goals and in your work life it is no different. Relationships with colleagues and business partners are going to feel unstoppable as they continue to grow in strength and potential. These charismatic couplings are going to make your work life feel amazingly fulfilled and are going to help you achieve a level of financial stability that helps you relax more and keep the positive, exciting energy flowing.


Health and spirituality: It is time to bring your body and soul into alignment. The love you have for your internal self must now be represented in the love you have for your physical self. If you spend a lot of time on spiritual growth without showing your physical form that same love, you will always feel misaligned. Self-love and body positivity are key here and that includes not ignoring important medical things or putting off appointments.




The Two of Cups in Shadow


The Two of Cups has some psychic questions for you:

  • Are you giving too much of yourself emotionally?
  • Are you obsessed with the idea of love?
  • Are you letting go of your individuality for love?

When we give ourselves over to the idea of love, we can give our emotional vulnerability to people that do not deserve it and who will abuse it. It is so important to have firm boundaries in place so that you don’t leave yourself on empty. Loving someone or something does not mean you should stop allowing other things to be important or relevant to you. Don’t allow your fantasy idea of love to take away your commitment to other important relationships, as they need your love too.

The Two of Cups needs you to remember that, no matter how connected you are to someone, you are always two single entities coming together and you need to honour your differences as much as love your connection.


How Can a Tarot Reading Help Me?


To find out what The Two of Cups means for you, call one of our psychic tarot readers with the experience to guide you.



PUBLISHED: 21 May 2021

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