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The Thoth Tarot Deck


What is the difference between a standard tarot reading and Thoth tarot readings? Find out why tarot readers like the Aleister Crowley Tarot deck.


Aleister Crowley’s tarot deck is one of the most popular and oldest tarot decks used, alongside the Rider-Waite deck and is known as The Thoth Tarot. Created by Aleister Crowley, the cards were illustrated by artist Lady Frieda Harris, and Crowley followed the Hermetic-Quabalistic views of the Order of the Golden Dawn of which he was a member. This deck took five years to complete between 1938 and 1943 as the creators’ vision grew during the project, and they were scrupulous in their work. Crowley wrote a reference book for the deck called ‘The Book of Thoth’ and has since referred to his tarot deck under this name. He renamed many of the Major Arcana cards and also changed some of the astrological and Hebrew equivalences of the cards, to match his earlier book ‘Liber AL vel Legis’ translated as ‘The Book of the Law’.
The more major arcana cards in your reading, the stronger message they are trying to portray for upcoming events…





The Thoth tarot meaning has many similarities of standard tarot decks such as the Rider-Waite, with some specific variances. For example, some of the major arcana cards were renamed by Crowley; The Magician became ‘The Magus’, Strength became ‘Lust’, Justice became ‘Adjustment’ and The World became ‘The Universe. The Aleister Crowley tarot major arcana cards represent the Sephiroth which translates as ‘things in themselves’ and are the most significant cards of the reading. These 22 cards signify important events in our life and will have much more meaning than the minor arcana cards. The more major arcana cards in your reading, the stronger the message that they are trying to portray for upcoming events. Most tarot decks have the King, Queen, Knight and Page in the suits of the minor arcana; while Thoth tarot has the Knight, Queen, Prince and Princess.





The major arcana gives the reader the more significant messages for the reading. A reading can be done with just one major arcana alone because they are so powerful, and each card with signify a major or important event in your life. The Thoth tarot meaning to some of the major arcana cards are:


LUST CARD – This relates to the ‘Strength’ card, giving us a positive message, encouraging us and to trust ourselves with making the right choice.


THE UNIVERSE – This relates to the ‘World’ card and gives us a sense of completion and new beginnings.  It signifies rebirth and good luck and literally means the world, or the universe is in our hands.


THE STAR – Also known as the ‘Star’ in other tarot decks, this is a card of inspiration. It encourages the person to have confidence in their capabilities, to embrace personal growth and to reach for the stars.


THE CHARIOT – Also known as the ‘Chariot’ in other decks, this card reassures the person that even if they are stuck in a rut, things will start to move forward very son. It can signify important life events such as a house move, a new job or new beginnings.


THE MAGUS – This relates to the ‘Magician’ card and gives confidence to the person that they can do whatever they set their mind to. This card represents growth, rebirth and never-ending possibilities.



It can give answers to certain questions, or help you to understand the outcomes of choices that you may have…





Much like any other tarot cards, Thoth tarot readings gives guidance on past, current and future events in one’s life. However, the Thoth cards are believed to give a much more in depth reading and if used by someone who has a psychic ability or intuition, they can give very good detail. Thoth tarot readings can look at a specific situation, such as your relationship, your partner, or indeed your future love life. It can give answers to certain questions, or help you to understand the outcomes of choices that you may have. Tarot cards also have an astrological relevance, so timings of events or situations are easier to predict – and they can also determine the star sign of a future partner or person in your life. Tarot readers report that because the Thoth tarot deck has some detailed and beautiful illustrations, making it easier for them to tune in to and to give more insight to the person.





A Thoth tarot reading can give you guidance and detailed insight to your future, whether it’s love, relationships, work, career or family that you want to focus on. Our psychics not only use the tarot cards in their readings, but they also have a wealth of skills to use, to make sure you get the best possible guidance for your future. Speak to the UK’s most expert team of psychics at TheCircle.



PUBLISHED: 8 June 2016


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