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The First Three Major Arcana


Your journey through the Tarot continues with the third group of three Major Arcana cards.  Each of the Major Arcana cards shows a symbol of an archetypal force that shapes existence and also operates within the subconscious mind.  As you become aware of these forces, working with them to understand yourself and the world, you can become more effectual and fulfilled.  The symbols can be used as a focus for meditation as well as divination, as they show what the future may hold.  The better you get to know the symbols the more clearly they will speak to you. For more information you can also take a look at 'Your Introduction to the Tarot', 'First Three Major Arcana' and 'Second Three Major Arcana'.



The Lovers stand apart, yet side by side.  Although they are separate, they seek to be united – two hearts, one mind.  Love is the force that binds all things, yet the human experience is special, and hard to express.  Dark and light, Yin and Yang, female and male – counterparts that need each other.  Each ‘lover’ brings unique qualities into the mix, and they complement each other.  Opposites attract, but they can never totally merge – the longing this generates in human beings is at the root of so much in art, music and literature.  It is also the source of creativity in people – your creativity comes from your soul trying to express itself through your body.  But we all know that however hard you try to do something fantastic the reality usually falls short, even if it’s just a teeny bit.  So you try again.  Soul and body are ‘The Lovers’ in you, always trying to make a connection.  ‘The Lovers’ also represents your choices, as you try to make a selection that will bring greatest harmony.  This card also represents your relationships, whether romantic or friendly.


The Chariot is drawn by strange creatures, yet these seem to be tamed and pulling in the same direction.  The charioteer is confident and in control, steering the ‘house’ of the Chariot through life’s highways and byways.  The Chariot is its own mini-kingdom, finding direction and sound management, yet working within universal laws.  The Chariot is your power to take charge and direct your life.  Sometimes this may mean upping sticks to create a home elsewhere.  At other times it could mean extending your comfort zone to express yourself more fully.  This card shows your ability to be master of your own house and to keep all the balls in the air (as the charioteer holds the reins of the wild and weird creatures).  It also points out the things you have achieved and established.


Strength opens the jaws of a lion, as a dog-owner might part the teeth of his pet, to get back a ball.  There is Immense power here, but no cruel compulsion. Consciousness, represented by the human being, rules over animal force, shown by the lion, not by repression but by cooperation.  Strength comes from self-knowledge, awareness of abilities and how to use them – from realizing all the elements in your nature and pulling them into line.  This card shows how life has tested you.  Ask yourself, can you spot the ‘Lion’ when he appears in your life?  He may be a block, a challenge or a difficulty – most likely, when you look closely, he’s a part of your own nature that you need to confront.  He is also your power to overcome problems, to uphold your beliefs and to look inwards for your resources.  This means you can find reserves of strength that you didn’t know you had.  The finest expression of Strength is ‘power to’ rather than ‘power over’.  This card affirms that you can do it!


To develop your own understanding and relationship with the cards, spend a while meditating upon them.  Relax, look at the image on the card of your choice and then in your imagination enter the world of the image.  Journey with The Lovers, The Chariot and Strength – what do they show you?  What can you learn about their meanings and how they manifest?  Make notes of your thoughts, for they will be invaluable in your work with the Tarot.


Use these three cards on their own for some basic insight.  Ask about a plan you have in mind – choose something that is important to you but not life-changing, because that could cause you to be tense and to lose the playful attitude that is helpful for divination. (Reverence with mirth always works best!).  Shuffle the cards and deal one to guide you.  If you deal The Lovers, think carefully about your choices and what will bring you the greatest inner harmony.  If you deal the Chariot, ask yourself about your life direction.  Do you need to move on, re-establish yourself somewhere else, put down new roots mentally or physically?  If you turn up Strength, be brave!  Call up all your resources and reserves.  Believe in yourself and take control of the situation for you have more influence than you realize, as long as you are solid and steady. Some Tarot readers interpret a card that is upside-down as the force working negatively, or delayed, but others place no importance on this – you will eventually form your own views.  For now, take note of how your first use of these cards works out, so you can learn and progress.  You can incorporate the other cards you have learnt about when you feel ready.

Reading signs on your own may not be enough and you may want more guidance.  Or you may need someone to talk through your interpretation and what follows.  To get advice on anything that arises, our knowledgeable readers at The Circle are ready and waiting for your call, so why not get in touch today?


PUBLISHED: 28 November 2014

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