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The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck


The beautiful Wild Unknown tarot deck brings us a connection with nature, with the universe and with our own intuition.


The Wild Unknown tarot deck is self-published and illustrated by Kim Krans. The project of creating the deck started in 2006 when Kim started drawing ‘creatures and lyrics’ calendars to give to her friends and also had an obsession with Bob Dylan lyrics. In 2011 Kim started to hand draw and illustrate the cards in the Wild Unknown tarot deck and in 2012 her work was published in black and white, following a full colour release of the 2nd edition in 2015 with 6 new cards. The Wild Unknown tarot deck consists of a total of 78 cards and the illustrations are presented with an air of magical mystery, displaying the art of the natural world. The tarot cards have simple but beautiful images of plants, animals, trees and insect. The images appear as sketchy black drawings and are so popular that they have even been used for tattoos.
The cards read in more of an oracle way rather than traditional standard tarot decks…




The Wild Unknown tarot spread connects spirituality with adventures in nature. Kim Krans took the traditional meanings of standard tarot cards and wrote her own version of the cards. Tarot readers report that although Kim has given her own version of the meanings, the cards read in more of an oracle way rather than traditional standard tarot decks. However, perhaps because of the connection with spirituality and nature, the meanings seem to translate a stronger message. The Wild Unknown meaning of the cards are therefore symbolic and encourage the tarot reader to work with their animal guides, bringing a much more natural connection to the reading, uniting with mother nature and the universe.




A tarot reading will convey the Wild Unknown tarot meaning of the cards and each card is relevant to the past, the present and the future. There are 22 major arcana cards and 56 minor cards. The major arcana cards deliver a stronger message and can indeed give guidance using just one independent card. The Wild Unknown meaning of the major arcana, can be interpreted as the following:

THE LOVERS – An image of 2 geese flying in the sky together. The Lovers signifies true love, a soul mate connection or love coming your way. It can also denote a choice that may be presented to you depending on the surrounding cards in the Wild Unknown spread.

THE HIGH PRIESTESS – An image of a tiger with a crystal ball. The High Priestess encourages us to use our own intuition and follow our gut feeling, reassuring us that we know the truth. It can also mean that somebody will offer good guidance to you.

THE HERMIT – An image of a tortoise with a candle on the top of its shell. The Hermit may relate to a current situation where you have withdrawn from circumstances, or it could mean that you need time alone to ponder the meaning of life so that you can make choices for your future.

STRENGTH CARD – An image of a gentle lion holding a rose in its mouth. The Strength card reassures us that everything will work out, that we are empowered to be strong and that the universe is supporting us. It can be a positive card if looking at a specific situation in a Wild Unknown spread.

Connecting with nature and the universe is a grounding benefit to humans…




Kim Krans illustrates the cards for the wild unknown tarot using only natural or animal-related images. There are no man-made items in the cards, and indeed no people are present either. The standard minor arcana suits are replaced with animals; owls for swords, snakes for wands, swans for cups and deer for pentacles. The hierarchy of the suits of the page, knights, queen and king are instead giving a more normal and balanced view of the family unit of daughter, son, mother and father. The images depict beautiful natural, animal and forestry settings, bringing the very essence of nature to us. Connecting with nature and the universe is a grounding benefit to humans, enhancing intuition and wisdom, thus giving us more of an ability to control our emotions. Nature helps us to step back and look at the world in perspective, possibly changing our views on our current life and how we want the future to be.




Tarot readers often have several decks of cards and they will find that they have a deeper connection with specific decks. Certain decks may be used in relation to the type of reading, or the specific subject that the person wants to know about. The wild unknown tarot cards give a more in depth reading to a person, highlighting events, influences and changes in life – for the past, the present and the future. Speak to our gifted tarot readers and psychics at TheCircle to get insight to your life.



PUBLISHED: 22 June 2016

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