The Strength Card

The Strength card indicates that you are now in a position of strength to move a situation forward and that you have the power to overcome any difficulties.


The Strength card has an image of a beautiful woman adorned in white gowns standing over a lion. Her hands are clasped around the lion’s jaw, showing that she has no fear and is assertive and in control. This card was originally named ‘Fortitude’ and belongs to the Major Arcana in the Tarot deck, accompanying two of the cardinal virtues known as the Temperance card and the Justice card. It illustrates an obvious meaning in a situation, that you are in a positive and strong position or that a situation will be promising. However, there are many meanings to this card and some are less obvious than others.


The Strength card encourages us to stay focussed and reminds us that in order for something to progress, we must keep a positive attitude in mind. In life we often concentrate on negative situations when we are worried, anxious or concerned about something. Putting emphasis on these circumstances is injecting energy into it thus creating a bigger issue, which can have a draining effect on us. It is important to harness your thoughts and instead focus and strengthen the positive elements in your life. Conquer your fears, solely focus on the positive and you will invite more confidence and reassurance for your future.

It shows a mutually equal and loving relationship which could be long term and committed.


The Strength card in Tarot readings is a great sign that things are working out, that you can be assured that something is right for you and that you have control over the situation. The card can have different meanings depending on the subject of the reading, below are some examples:
  • General Reading – It encourages you to listen to your innermost feelings, to take some time out to focus on what you really want, to let go of negative thoughts and situations and to concentrate on your dreams, outcomes of situations and what you really want in life. It shows you that by power of thought, you have the strength in you to manifest your future.
  • Love & Relationship Readings – This is a very positive card for a relationship reading. It shows strength, determination from both parties and a deep bond of love between you. It shows a mutually equal and loving relationship which could be long term and committed. If you’re single, this is an excellent time to meet a potential partner and signifies that new love is close by if you are open to it.
  • Work & Career Readings – This conveys that work should be going very well and that you may have new options opening up to you soon. Perhaps you are hoping for promotion or more responsibility which could also improve your finances. If you are looking for a new job, something very positive will be presented to you, new doors will open and a job with many possibilities may be in the offering. If you are considering starting your own business, this is a powerful card that reassures you to go for it.
  • Family Readings – The Strength card indicates that positive times are coming in a family situation or that current issues will be resolved soon. It reminds you that you have the power of thought and spoken word to assist others in finding a solution to a problem. It also reassures you that by paying attention, focussing positive energy into a situation, can bring about peace of mind for yourself and others.


Often in life, we feel helpless in certain situations and we hope that somehow they will work out eventually. In Tarot readings, the Strength card encourages us to take the situation in hand, to send positive energy to it and empower ourselves to gain control. By doing this, you are already changing circumstances by emphasising your attention on the positive and not the negative. The Strength card indicates that you are now in a position of strength to move a situation forward and that you have the power to overcome any difficulties. It reminds us that we are stronger than we think and that we must believe in ourselves more. All the strength that you need is already there.

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