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The Star Tarot Card - Shine Like Star


The Star tarot meaning varies depending on the subject, but it always reassures us that we are receiving support and that we also need to listen to our own intuition.


The Star Tarot card is one of the most beautiful cards amongst the Tarot pack. The image is of a woman leaning over a pool of water, pouring water from a pitcher on to the land beside her. The other hand fills up another pitcher, and so she is continually feeding the land, replenishing the ground with water. The stars in the sky and the Ibis bird behind her suggest it is near dawn when the world awakens and a brand new day starts.



•    Support & Guidance
•    Excitement & Inspiration
•    Intuition & Foresight
•    Healing, Faith & Enlightenment
•    Renewal & Change
•    Acceptance & Personal Power




Star cards means that the universe is shining down on you and often comes up in readings when you are going through an emotional time. It can be a sign of support, showing you that you have guidance from the higher beings and also to trust in your intuition because it is working well. The Star card rewards you, showing that all will be well, even if it doesn’t appear to be at the moment. It brings healing and light to situations that may be upsetting you and reassures you that things really are going to turn out okay. The Star Tarot meaning can vary depending on the reading and it has very clear cut meanings in certain subjects, however it is always a positive card as it shows you that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Star Tarot love readings can give you detailed guidance, looking at your current relationship, your future in love or predicting a new relationship.

It encourages us to step back and look at the relationship without the emotional attachment







If the Star Tarot card comes up in a reading about a specific or current relationship, it is suggesting that a healing process needs to take place. If the relationship is going through problems, the Star tarot card is not necessarily saying that everything will be fine and you will remain together. Instead, it is important to remember that the Star card rewards us by informing us that there may be reasons or questions where we are doubting the partnerships and encourages us to be honest with ourselves and look within. Using our own intuition or going by our gut feeling is often correct and we must not ignore this. If a relationship has not served its time and you are meant to stay together, the Star tarot card brings healing and renewal. It encourages us to step back and look at the relationship without the emotional attachment and look at what needs to change if it is going to be successful. Although the Star card reversed is not as much of a positive card, it still reassures us that we need to make changes in our life. It may be that there have been unwanted changes in your relationship and that you are struggling to adapt, but that you need to adjust for your own happiness. The Star tarot meaning can vary on the cards that are present in the spread, but the Star card reversed always shows that there are changes that need to be made.

Don’t be surprised if someone from your past reappears in your life…




If your reading is about future love and if you are currently single, Star cards are often a positive sign in a reading. Although this card can suggest that someone new is coming in to your life and encourages us to be open to this, it also signifies that an old or long term relationship could develop in the future. Star tarot love readings shows us that it brings healing to old relationships, so don’t be surprised if someone from your past reappears in your life! It is showing support and inspiring us to be open to new possibilities, developing friendships and new beginnings. The Star card reversed asks us to look at ourselves and our life. If you have been undecided about whether you want to invite love in, or be open to meeting someone, this may be a barrier which is not letting it happen.  You need to think about your future happiness and if you would like somebody to share it with, then banish all negative doubts and embrace it. For more support and guidance on the Star Tarot card our experienced Tarot readers are ready and waiting to take your call.


PUBLISHED: 22 March 2016

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