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The Overflowing Cup - The Ace of Cups


On The Ace of Cups, the sky in the background is cloudless and the colour of a sunrise, an eminent glowing light that shows everything is golden and that your dreams are coming true...


The Ace of Cups is the overflowing cup of love and contentment and one of the most beautiful cards in the Tarot deck. It immediately boasts happiness, positive offerings and has a magical air of love about it. The image on the card shows a hand that is stretching out and offering a golden cup. Water overflows from the cup into a lake of water below which is calm and has lilies floating on the surface. The water puts across a feeling of eternal life, peace and tranquillity. Above the cup, a dove swoops and delivers a piece of paper into the cup, a message of love and peace of mind, showing that the heavens are granting a wish of happiness. On the Ace of Cups, the sky in the background is cloudless and the colour of a sunrise, an eminent glowing light that shows everything is golden and that your dreams are coming true.

It is a gift from heaven




The Ace of Cups meaning is a positive sign and often relates to happiness, love and relationships. It denotes new beginnings in certain areas of your life, but is often indicative of love. It is a gift from heaven, reassuring you that whatever you want or need is being offered to you now or in the near future. This may be a fresh start in something which is very important to you and something which is close to your heart and significant to your future. It conveys that this is the beginning of an experience which you have been waiting for and worked hard to get. It is a blessing from the universe to reward you and with it comes an easy transition for exciting times ahead.

The Ace of Cups often foretells a soulmate relationship, a bond with invisible threads




The beautiful overflowing cup, the Ace of Cups meaning is often a sign that love is yours to keep. If you are already in a relationship, it may bring a fresh start in your partnership, a powerful influence in new beginnings resulting in this becoming something much deeper with commitment. The Ace of Cups meaning foretells a soulmate relationship, an overflowing cup of love, a bond with invisible threads that cannot be broken. If your relationship has been stuck in a rut or gone through difficult times recently, this card reassures you that the effort you are putting in will bring solidarity and deep happiness. It brings pleasure, great love, joy and completeness. The cups rule emotions and therefore it encourages you to be open with one another, to communicate better and to speak about your biggest joys and your deepest fears. Communication in a relationship is key and learning to express your emotions will intensify your bond. If you are single and wondering if you will meet someone, this card brings you confirmation that your waiting game is over. Your soulmate is on the horizon, romance will be yours and you have a wonderful relationship ahead of you.

The Ace of Cups promises that you will soon feel much more positive and that things are on the up






If you have recently or are currently going through a tricky time in work, love or within your family, the Ace of Cups meaning actually promises that you will soon feel much more positive and that things are on the up. It teaches you to let go of past hurt, to accept certain situations and to open up to new experiences. You may have felt that an issue has got out of hand or that something will never improve, but this card reassures you that changes are coming and you can look forward to the future. It encourages you to not hide from your emotions but to process them so that you can move on. The Ace of Cups reversed gives a similar meaning in that you may feel stuck because of barriers are in your way. It ensures that there will be movement soon and that the blockages will be removed.



  • Love – you are about to reap the rewards of a fulfilling relationship which will bring you much happiness and deep love.
  • Work – Your job is going well and you are admired and respected in the work place. This can also signify a new job coming your way, or a promotion to a position which would be perfect for you.
  • Family – solutions are found to issues, positive new beginnings to relationships and situations
  • General – Fresh start in an area of your life, happiness, love, goodwill and new opportunities.
  • The Ace of Cups reversed – feeling in limbo currently but reassures you that it won’t be for long




When the Ace of Cups appears strongly in your reading it is reassuring you that things are about to take a turn for the better. It brings happiness, abundance, security and stability and is a reward for your efforts and long awaited need for contentment. It often means that you can be confident in love and that there is a powerful relationship on the horizon. Whatever area of your life you have been waiting to improve, it is about to be yours for the taking.


PUBLISHED: 26 February 2016

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