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The Magician

Time to Manifest
The Magician Meaning
The Magician builds a pathway for our internal spiritual truth and our external selves. This card is the voice is your head that is filled with ideas and passion. In calling you to manifest your subconscious needs and desires, the Magician gives voice to these and brings them into being. It is a card of feminine and masculine energy, which are perfectly combined to help you create the things you need. You already have the skill and the tools right at your fingertips. This tarot card is goal focused and is actively asking you to put your goals at the forefront of your life and manifest what looks like literal magic. Use this energy to make the impossible possible.


The Magician in Love

If the Magician did a personality test it would come out as the most confident and charming personality. This card in a love tarot reading lets us know that the spell of romance is coming for us and, whether the magician is a new person or the energy in your relationship, it will allow us to explore our inner-most thoughts and desires. This energy is fast and active. It is for you to learn from, but it will pass and the energy will give you a level of growth you have not experienced before. Enjoy the whirlwind.

The Magician in Life

Work: whatever your goal, this card is going to get you there. You need to listen to your intuitive voice and take advantage of the opportunities that are coming your way. Allow your skills in persuasion and your charm to get the job done.
With this energy in your work life, you will have skills like no other and colleagues will be astounded at your seemingly magic abilities to get the job done, either by doing it yourself or weaving a web of words that makes you irresistible. Having the skills and knowledge you need brings you a new level of confidence and this card asks you to enjoy that confidence.
Health and spirituality: now is the time to get in tune with your internal self. Spend time with it and get to know your desires, so that your goals are for your greater good. Meditate, spend time in nature, do whatever it is you need to connect to your intuitive voice.

The Magician in Shadow

The Magician has some psychic questions for you:
•Are your motives pure?
•Are your goals in alignment with your highest good?
•Is your intuition being your guide?•Are you practicing what you preach?
•Are you stepping into your power?
When the Magician energy is in your life it can feel that you are unstoppable. Don’t let that power go to your head. Your ability to be charming and persuade others to help you reach your goals should not become manipulation by using other people’s good nature against them. If the Magician is an energy someone else is bringing in to your life make sure that, while you enjoy and bask in their confidence and motivational energy, you are not starting to feel worn down by the continued need for you to help them reach their goals. The Magician asks you to trust yourself and your skills. Now is not the time for modesty; own your power and manifest your goals through action.



How Can Tarot Help Me?


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PUBLISHED: 21 January 2021

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