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The Fool
The Journey Begins  

The Fool Meaning

The Fool is an exciting tarot card to get. It offers us enthusiasm, fun and wonder. As we begin our journey, we have everything we need to grow and learn in each area of our life. Our joyful innocence seems to bring boundless potential and, as we step out in to our fresh opportunities, we need to learn to embrace the unknown and leave self-restrictions behind. Take every day as a chance to open yourself up to new possibilities.

New beginnings can feel daunting as well as exciting. Be open minded: try something new, visit somewhere you haven’t been before. The adventure will always add to your life regardless of the outcome. Trust the universe and take the first steps on your new path; not only will it be okay, but if you let your inner child take the wheel it will be awe inspiring.



The Fool in Love
Welcome to a wonderful new beginning. It could be a turning point in an established relationship or a brand-new love, but what it offers is fresh and full of excitement. It is time to be bold. Take risks and don’t be surprised if this change comes from a unexpected place. It is important to let go of your past experiences and enter into this phase of your love life with a clean slate, so don’t hold back. Fling yourself head-on into this wonderful feeling and enjoy the personal development.
The Fool in Life
Work: this creative energy brings new life to a current job as well as offering new opportunities. Don’t be afraid to be a little reckless; it will be rewarded. Perhaps you will be offered a promotion or a chance to travel. Take it and experience all it has to offer.
If you want to do training or just try something new, relish the fresh and youthful energy these changes bring. Adventures broaden the mind and will give you invaluable experience. Practically, in a financial sense, now is definitely the time to spend money on yourself, be it for personal growth or just because you want to. Be spontaneous and relax into the indulgence you deserve.
Health and spirituality: welcome a new lease on life. The Fool is offering a reset on health issues, both physical and mental. Perhaps it is the smell of Spring in the air or a resolved situation, but you will be feeling good about it for the first time in a long time. It is just the beginning of your wellness journey but it is time to meet your own needs because the path you start now is going to change your outlook.
The Fool in Shadow
The Fool has some psychic questions for you:•Can you finish what you start?•Are you able to take responsibility?•Do you have everything you need?The Fool can represent disordered thinking and chasing the feelings of novelty and newness when you have important things that you need to deal with before you can take the next step. Being deliberately naive or refusing to learn from your mistakes can leave you in a stale holding pattern. The Fool’s journey is a long one and you have to be able to commit to all that it wants to teach you, even if it feels uncomfortable. The Fool is showing you how to grow; open yourself to it.

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PUBLISHED: 31 March 2021
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