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The Strength - Tarot card of the month
Can you trust your own strength?


The Strength card in the Major Arcarna is obvious from the message it’s trying to give us. If you draw this card in a spread you will see that you can trust your own strength and use this card in a meaningful and wise manner.


On first glance the card shows a great deal of strength — the strong lion and a young maiden who exerts her physical strength to subdue the lion. However, the maiden does not appear to be struggling, instead she looks serene and her posture looks relaxed. This card is showing us that strength is about combining two strengths to overcome weakness. The maiden, weak of form, is powerful in the command of herself, demonstrating that we can control the ‘inner beast’ within us. The lion, strong of form, is weak when it comes to mastering himself and reigning in his powerful nature. The Strength card is about understanding our wild natures but also allowing our passions work for us, rather than against us.


The Strength card is connected to the Magician card in that it they both touch upon the extraordinary strength of the secret of our deeper inner harmony. If the influencing factor of the Magician is in harmony with the conscious and unconscious strength, then the vitality, courage and passion of this card is the reconciliation of the civilised man with his animalistic nature.



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