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Sixth Three Major Arcana


You've already read 'First Three Major Arcana',  'Second Three Major Arcana', 'Third Three Major Arcana', 'Fourth Three Major Arcana' and 'Fifth Three Major Arcana' and now your journey through the Tarot continues with the sixth group of three Major Arcana cards.  Each of the Major Arcana cards shows a symbol of an archetypal force that shapes existence and also operates within the subconscious mind.  As you become aware of these forces, working with them to understand yourself and the world, you can become more effectual and fulfilled.  The symbols can be used as a focus for meditation as well as divination, as they show what the future may hold.  The better you get to know the symbols the more clearly they will speak to you.




The Devil is perhaps the most frightening of all cards.  His sits on a throne, huge horns sprouting above a hideous face, the wings of a bat behind him and goat’s legs below.  He’s the embodiment of all that you fear.  These days many people say they don’t believe in the Devil, which only makes him stronger.  In the darkness of night each of us shrinks from our own demons, and without spirituality we have nothing to fight with.  The Devil is really the negative aspects of the material world.  If you are bound by these, they bring endless misery and evil, yet you can easily free yourself by attuning to higher aspects of your being.  The Devil is your need to own things, people and status.  He is your greed and the illusion of the ‘real’ world that you cling to.  The Devil is truly a friend, who will show you the chains that bind you and how to release yourself.  In a spread he shows the temptations and traps that may lie ahead, what fears are controlling you and what could lure you to sell your soul.  The choice is yours, then, to keep it.





The Tower is another card of danger and destruction.  Struck by lightning, the building cracks, burning from inside.  The bodies of the doomed fall to earth, and it seems that all is lost.  The Tower can be your own ‘Disaster Movie’ as a lot that you have built up crumbles, and it may seem as if a hammer-blow from vicious Fortune is set to demolish all you’ve created.  However, the lightning strike is, in fact, the illumination of the spirit within.  Life is full of those times, large and small, when what you’ve constructed is shattered and you look at the world with new eyes.  There may be loss, sometimes considerable loss, but as time goes by you realize that the old structure wasn’t right for you, and only by seeing it torn down can you find the space to rebuild it.  The Tower is your power to transform and renew.  In a spread it shows change and upheaval, which may be a challenge.  But it is easier to deal with this if you realize that the Tower is your greater self, calling you onwards.  It is your ability to rise like a Phoenix from the ashes and re-invent yourself, as you reconstruct something much better.





The Star shines bright and wondrous over a figure pouring water into a pool.  In the night sky there are a million stars and if you look upwards you will be amazed by the mystery of the Universe.  The sky has brought questions, stories and wisdom to humanity.  Stars have the power to make you think about meanings, and your own true being.  The figure pouring water into the pool comes with new ideas, the blessing of enlightenment, fresh visions of truth and possibility – as if the sky is being ‘poured’ on the earth.  The Star invites you to wake up to the spirit of the age, to go on quests, to be filled with wonder and inspiration, and to be uplifted at the sheer magnificence of it all.  In a spread the Star brings new hope, a widening of perspective and the stimulation of new goals.  In fact the Star reminds you that you also are infinite and a part of all that exists.  Follow the promptings of your spirit, to be energized and enthusiastic about life.





To develop your own understanding and relationship with the cards, spend a while meditating upon them.  Relax, look at the image on the card of your choice and then in your imagination enter the world of the image.  Journey with The Devil, The Tower and The Star – what do they show you?  What can you learn about their meanings and how they manifest?  Make notes of your thoughts, for they will be invaluable in your work with the Tarot.





Use these three cards on their own for some basic insight.  Ask about a plan you have in mind – choose something that is important to you but not life-changing, because that could cause you to be tense and to lose the playful attitude that is helpful for divination. (Reverence with mirth always works best!).  Shuffle the cards and deal one to guide you.  If you deal The Devil, ask yourself what fears are holding you back and in what way are your materialistic desires inviting disaster?  Maybe you need to wake up to the traps you have set yourself and change course.  If you deal the Tower, in what way do you need to transform?  Where have your life and ideas become a prison rather than an achievement, and where do you need to be tough and find the inner strength to face changes?  If the Star appears, then you can look for new visions to lead you onwards and open yourself to marvels and exciting potential. Some Tarot readers interpret a card that is upside-down as the force working negatively, or delayed, but others place no importance on this – you will eventually form your own views.  For now, take note of how your first use of these cards works out, so you can learn and progress.  You can incorporate the other cards you have learnt about when you feel ready.

Interpreting signs on your own may not be enough and you may want more guidance.  Or you may need someone to talk through your ideas and what they mean.  We offer tarot readings at The Circle.  To get advice on anything that arises, our knowledgeable readers at The Circle are ready and waiting for your call, with tarot card readings to answer your questions, so why not get in touch today?


PUBLISHED: 26 February 2015

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