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The Shadowscapes Tarot


Shadowscapes Tarot readings give inspirational and empowering Tarot readings, making Shadowscapes a tool for influencing universal oneness…


Shadowscapes Tarot was created by the artist Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. This Tarot deck is incredibly distinct because of the beautiful watercolour imagery on the cards that is exceptionally detailed. The Shadowscapes deck portrays pictures of fairies, nature in a stunning fantasy world of myths, folklores and universal symbols. These charming and striking cards are perfect for beginners and also experienced Tarot readers because they are so inspiring and stimulating to the psychic senses.
It connects us with the spiritual realm, the elementals and gives a significant importance to how humankind must work together with nature…





Tarot Readers who appreciate the beauty of art, report that the Shadowscapes Tarot cards are some of the most beautiful cards to work with. The images are breath taking, positive and intricate, so there is often something new or different to be read each time in the same card. The Shadowscapes Tarot meaning brings together Celtic and Asian artwork, giving well-defined symbolisms and messages from the cards. It connects us with the spiritual realm, the elementals and gives a significant importance to how humankind must work together with nature, for a deeper understanding. Tarot Readers say that working with cards that are distinctive to nature is often more successful in giving a detailed and insightful reading, bringing together a universal appreciation.
The imagery is far more detailed, crafting a magical and fairy tale theme…





Stephanie Pui-Mun Law has created the major arcana Tarot cards on the same basis as typical Tarot cards such as the Rider-Waite Tarot, using the same names and interpretations with the cards. The imagery is far more detailed, crafting a magical and fairy tale like theme. The Shadowscapes Tarot meaning of the major arcana cards makes them the strongest cards in the deck, highlighting significant events, upcoming situations and focusing on the past, the present and the future:

– Representing current partners, marriage, new love and long-term love. The Lovers card is suggestive of love in your life, and can also mean that you have choices on romance.

THE FOOL – The Fool promises infinite possibilities and reassures you that whatever you put your mind to, it will be successful. It signifies new beginnings, renewal and movement.

THE TOWER – The Tower card portrays potential trouble in our life. Events may be unexpected and temporarily disrupt previous beliefs, often resulting in an ending, but for a better situation.

STRENGTH – The card of Strength signifies that you must be believe that all will be well. You have an inner strength to finish what you started and you must embrace and trust in your abilities

THE EMPEROR – The Emperor shows you that you are in control of your life, whether that is your job, your relationships or your family. It encourages you to be brave, to gain command and to work with your instincts.

THE HERMIT – The Hermit introduces a feeling of introspection. It shows us that maybe some alone time will do us good, away from outside influences. Fears and frustrations should not be a concern, and instead just trust in divine timing.




The Shadowscapes Tarot artist really captures the complex meanings of the minor arcana in her images. The minor arcana cards convey day to day influences instead of more substantial or important events. It highlights smaller aspects of our life which we can learn from but which will soon pass and not considerably affect us. The minor arcana is made up of 4 suits, each with cards from 1 – 10 and also the court cards (page, knight, queen, king). The suits are; The Cups (links with emotions and relationships), The Pentacles (relates to materialism, abundance, career), The Wands (highlights growth, progress, hard work) and The Swords (portrays our inner power, opinions and intellect).
They are very good at giving readings on relationships, breakups and future love…




Shadowscapes Tarot readings can give you incredible insight and detailed guidance on anything that is concerning you. As there is a lot of imagery in the Tarot cards, it enables the Reader to give perhaps more detail than from any other Tarot deck. Tarot readings can inform you of current circumstances and outcomes, and also forewarn you for future events. They are very good at giving readings on relationships, breakups and future love, often being able to predict the star sign or describe the looks and character of a potential partner. Shadowscapes Tarot readings can also give beneficial advice on work or career, and links in with your gifts or talents that you should be utilising.





Tarot readings are a way of helping you to understand current events and how they will develop. If you are feeling despondent about life at the moment, a general Tarot reading will give you future insight to all areas of your life so that you feel empowered and inspired. Do you need to know about romance, work or home life? Speak to the UK’s most gifted Tarot Readers, Psychics and Mediums at TheCircle so that you can embrace your outlook on life.



PUBLISHED: 12 July 2016

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