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The Seven Of Wands Tarot Card

What is the Seven of Wands Tarot card meaning? How the Seven of Wands can give you the confidence to be strong when you are challenged in life…

The image on the Seven of Wands Tarot card shows a man standing on top of a hill and he appears to be defending himself from enemies below. He holds in his hands a staff that is positioned across his body, signifying self-protection. He is wearing shoes that do not match and his feet are positioned either side of water which symbolically suggests that he feels unbalanced and is emotionally connected to his situation.
Do not let setbacks tarnish your determination…


The Wands Tarot suit represents growth, ambition and progress in life. The Seven of Wands Tarot card portrays a difficult situation where you may be struggling to progress with something which is important to you. It suggests that there is competition and that you must compete and fight to preserve your status, reputation or progress in a project. The Seven of Wands implies a challenge for any type of continued success and it may be that you have to pull out all of the stops to endure what may feel like a losing battle. It encourages you to be strong, to make a stand for everything that you believe in and to have the confidence to finish what you started. Do not let setbacks tarnish your determination, as these may only be temporary obstacles and may inspire you to make positive changes that result in you having even more success that you first imagined.
Boldly accept the challenge to show your strength, with the attitude of a warrior…



The Seven of Wands card upright shows a current challenging situation which may possibly be unexpected. It shows you are fighting your corner and encourages you to have self-belief and courage to be strong and follow it through with bravery. It advises against making compromises with anyone and recommends that you stand your ground firmly. Do not negotiate or you may lose out, instead boldly accept the challenge to show your strength, with the attitude of a warrior. The Seven of Wands card upright can be interpreted in various areas of your life:
WORK / CAREER: In a work reading, the Seven of Wands Tarot card meaning shows that there is strong competition around you and that you must keep your self-belief and confidence to show that you are as good as anyone else. If you are hoping for a promotion, then having a can-do reliable attitude may stand you in good stead.
RELATIONSHIP: If the Seven of Wands card appears in a love reading, then you may have been going through a difficult time in your relationship with power battles ruling the home. Stand firm in your beliefs and only compromise if your partner is willing to do the same.
FAMILY: The Seven of Wands Tarot card meaning in a reading about your family suggests that there are ongoing quarrels within the home. The disagreements may not directly involve you, but you are likely to feel stuck in the middle. Hold your ground and do not accept unfair treatment.
FRIENDSHIP: When the Seven of Wands comes up in a friendship reading it shows that there is dispute amongst friends. There may have been arguments or disagreements over something and you are still dealing with the aftermath. This card encourages you to stand strong and not let others manipulate or use you.


If the Seven of Wands card reversed appears in a Tarot reading it represents more the emotional challenges you are feeling at the moment. You may be feeling like you have too many responsibilities or too much in life that you are having to juggle and that you see no end to it. You may be feeling overwhelmed at your commitments and crave for more time to be able to focus on just one thing at a time. You may be feeling helpless or vulnerable, fearful of exposing your weakness to those who may be competing with you. Sometimes the Seven of Wands card reversed appears when there is conflict in the family or when you are working in an unrewarding job. In a love reading it can suggest that your relationship feels like a constant challenge and that you are feeling like your opinion does not matter or that you are constantly judged.
Maybe you have lost self-belief and confidence in yourself?



Nobody likes to have unnecessary stress in their life and often you end up being involved in a situation that really does not serve you well for the future. Standing up for yourself is important and however difficult it might sometimes feel, defending yourself or showing an unwillingness to compromise, can have a positive and empowering effect on our life. Perhaps the challengers expect you to always back down and let them take the limelight? Maybe you have lost self-belief and confidence in yourself and what you are trying to achieve? The Seven of Wands Tarot card meaning urges you to stand tall, fight your corner and accept the challenge!





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PUBLISHED: 21 October 2016


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