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What is a Love Tarot reading and what can the Love Tarot tell you about your current relationship and your future love life?
Love Tarot readings are becoming more and more popular as relationships are such an important part of our life. A Love Tarot reading can give detailed insight to many situations in love, showing the person’s outcomes, ideas or solutions and their potential future in love.



A Love Tarot reading is a reading using Tarot cards, which is specifically related to your love life. As with most Tarot readings, the cards will describe events from the past, situations around your current life and give predictions and insight for the future. In a Love Tarot reading, the cards will show past hurts or events that may have changed your outlook on relationships. Past relationships can have a huge effect on how we feel about ourselves, the kind of relationship we think we deserve and how that might affect our future. The Tarot cards that convey present life may highlight challenges within your relationship, power struggles, outside influences or simply that your relationship is successful. The cards for the future are usually what most people find intriguing, usually describing potential relationships, future love and long-term happiness.
New relationships, marriage, future love, heartache…


A Love Tarot spread is the name for a Love Tarot reading and the way that the cards have been laid out by the Reader. There is no specific Love Tarot spread used by Tarot Readers as they prefer to use the one that works best for them, giving the most detailed insight. However, a Love Tarot spread can vary where particular spreads are much more suited to certain situations such as; new relationships, marriage, future love, heartache, soulmate, relationship problems and finding true love. A good Tarot reader will be able to determine the right spread to use to get the best guidance, depending on the question of the person.
In Love Tarot readings you can ask about anything…


Love Tarot readings are really designed around the person asking. Whatever your question is, the Tarot Reader will be able to interpret the cards and give you their insight. Some people think that they should not tell a Reader anything as the Reader should be able to pick up what they want to know about. This often happens but if you want to focus on just one area of your life or one potential partner that you want to ask about, it is much better to ask the Reader a specific question. In Love Tarot readings you can ask about anything, as Readers will have experience in answering the following types of questions:
Will I meet someone and fall in love?
Will I get back with my ex?
Will I ever get married?
Have I met my soulmate?
Why isn’t he / she talking to me?
Is he / she attracted to me?
Should I ask him / her on a date?
What does my future partner look like?
When will I meet someone?
I’m attracted to a married man / woman, what should I do?


There are a few specific cards in a Love Tarot reading that signify a strong, long-lasting and loving relationship. Depending on your question, the following cards portray a favourable outcome in love when they are presented in your Love Tarot spread:
THE SUN – The Sun card is the ‘Yes!’ card, so if you want to know if you are going to have a relationship with someone, this is a very positive card to have in your reading.
THE LOVERS – The Lovers card suggests a deep love or soulmate connection. It can also mean that you may have a choice in love from two different admirers.
TWO OF CUPS – The Two of Cups shows an image of a man and woman with their arms entwined drinking out of golden cups. The card suggests a unity, real love and long-term potential.
WHEEL OF FORTUNE – When this card appears in a Love Tarot reading for the future, it signifies that fate will step in and bring you a powerful relationship that could potentially last for a long time.
ACE OF CUPS – Emotional needs will be met in meeting a strong and supportive partner. This suggests a loving bond, complete with loyalty and commitment from both of you.
Some Tarot Readers can even give a description of the person they are going to meet…



Most people have Love tarot readings because they need guidance on their existing relationship, a relationship that has just ended or they want to know if they are going to meet someone. Love Tarot readings can help you to feel more positive about your relationship, especially if you have been having problems. It may also help you to decide whether you want to move on from your relationship if you have been unhappy for a long time. For single people it can be a great way to find out what’s in store for their love life and some Tarot Readers can even give a description of the person that they are going to meet.




If you are having problems in your relationship and do not know how to move forward, then you could benefit from a Love Tarot reading. If you are single and hoping to meet someone then consult the Love Tarot for exciting insight and guidance for the future. Empower yourself in love and speak to one of our gifted Readers at TheCircle now.


PUBLISHED: 25 October 2016


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