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King and Queen Of Wands


You've already read FIRST THREE MAJOR ARCANA, SECOND THREE MAJOR ARCANA, THIRD THREE MAJOR ARCANA, FOURTH THREE MAJOR ARCANA,  FIFTH THREE MAJOR ARCANA, SIXTH THREE MAJOR ARCANA, SEVENTH THREE MAJOR ARCANA, LAST MAJOR ARCANA AND FOUR SUITS & INTRODUCTION TO THE TAROT COURTS Your journey through the Tarot has now arrived at specifics. Remember that the Court Cards such as the king of wands and the Queen of wands usually represent actual people in your life. However, the card indicates how they appear, act and influence you, and while this may be an accurate picture of them, it may also not be, for the tarot card doesn’t represent how they are – only how you experience them. Court cards may also stand for you, or a part of you, especially if that part is acting subconsciously. This may be how you are coming across to others, even if you are not aware of it. Please note, although the King of Wands is usually male and the Queen of Wands female, this isn’t always the case in real life, so keep an open mind when searching for tarot card meanings.




In the Tarot, the suit of Wands refers to your drives in life, what inspires and motivates you, your passions and ambitions. It relates to your career, status and also to adventure and expansiveness. In addition it involves intuition – that sense of being plugged into the Big Picture, above and beyond the everyday. The King of Wands wields these forces. He is successful and galvanising. People generally look up to him, and he enables others to believe in themselves.


He may have come from humble beginnings, or he may have been given certain advantages, but nonetheless he is self-driven and is where he is through his own efforts. He loves new challenges and doesn’t rest on his laurels. Of the Court Cards, the King of Wands is imaginative and entrepreneurial, ‘Onwards and upwards’ is always his motto, and he gets energised by possibilities.


The King of Wands likes to see others make the best of themselves and is excited by their potential. Warm and pleasant, even to his opponents, he likes to give back to the community. He’s a mover and a shaker, generous with his time as with other resources. This man is a dynamo, but he is devoted and loyal to those close to him. 


He’s fixated on success for its own sake, and he doesn’t get much satisfaction from anything because he’s relentlessly driven on to the next thing on his list. The King of Wands hates time-wasting – every effort has to have a specific result and he can become very angry with anyone who slows him up or gets in his way.


The King of Wands is a man is in charge and he cares not a jot for the feelings of others – in fact he’ll ride roughshod over any complaint. It’s his way or the highway, and he’s powerful and ruthless. Best not to cross him because you’ll need enormous strength and resources if you are to get anywhere. His ambitions have become his obsession and their fire consumes him, and anyone else who dares get too close.





She’s outspoken, usually the centre of attention and able to make the room and everyone in it catch fire with her enthusiasm and lust for life. The Queen of Wands likes a good argument but she means no harm and will value you for being frank. Spontaneous and creative, she makes things happen around her. As a Court Card in the Tarot, she has faith in herself and is crowned by success in almost all she does. And if something doesn’t quite gel – well, that can easily be sorted.


The Queen of Wands is a woman has a natural authority. She commands respect. She seems to get what she wants almost without trying – there’s something in her manner, although she’s always gracious. Sometimes she’ll play the devil’s advocate, but to her that’s a bit of a game, to bring out the best in people and make them question themselves. As a Court Card, she surprisingly values ‘power to’ rather than ‘power over’.


The sheer confidence of the Queen of Wands is contagious. She has a way of making you believe in yourself, able to take an optimistic attitude. You can go to her for advice and encouragement and she’ll uncover your self-belief. It’s no wonder she’s so popular in the Tarot, because despite the fact she’s supreme, she’s always eager to see others achieve their potential. 


Magnetic and charismatic, this woman will use all her feminine abilities to get where she wants to be. Don’t stand in the way of the Queen of Wands because she’ll get rid of you, by fair means or foul. She has great presence, but she’s scary. The depth of her selfishness is hard to comprehend – she cares for nothing apart from getting her own way.


She can lose her temper in an instant and be utterly destructive. Her moods seem to come from nowhere, and they are dramatic. Her desires drive her and she only plays to win. Never show her your sensitivities because she’ll exploit them. Bossy and domineering, nothing can halt her meteoric ascent. Why try? It’s much more comfortable to keep her at a distance. 


Can you think of anyone who is like these two Court Cards, both in positive and negative expression? What effect do they have on your life? How can you deal with them better? And have you ever acted like one of the Court Cards – again as positive and negative? How did this feel? Are there energies from the Tarot here that you could benefit from/use productively? And is there a behavior that you can recognise as being destructive, and change?
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