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King and Queen Of Pentacles


You've already read YOUR INTRODUCTION TO THE TAROT, FIRST THREE MAJOR ARCANA, SECOND THREE MAJOR ARCANA, THIRD THREE MAJOR ARCANA, FOURTH THREE MAJOR ARCANA,  FIFTH THREE MAJOR ARCANA, SIXTH THREE MAJOR ARCANA, SEVENTH THREE MAJOR ARCANA, LAST MAJOR ARCANA AND FOUR SUITS & INTRODUCTION TO THE TAROT COURTS and now your journey through the Tarot has now arrived at specifics. Remember that the court cards usually represent actual people in your life. However, the card indicates how they appear, act and influence you, and while this may be an accurate picture of them, it may also not be, for the card doesn’t represent how they are – only how you experience them. A court card may also stand for you, or a part of you, especially if that part is acting subconsciously. This may be how you are coming across to others, even if you are not aware of it. Please note, although the King is usually male and the Queen female, this isn’t always the case in real life, so keep an open mind.




The suit of Pentacles refers to the body, to the Element of Earth, to material things, assets, practicalities and to money.  The King of Pentacles is a wealthy figure, probably because he has worked hard and been realistic.  This has given him power.  However, he is also generous and enjoys sharing his bounty with others – within reason.  He knows how to enjoy life to the full and he has what seems to be a magic touch – a flair for making things work and turning them to profit.  This is because he is instinctively aware of essentials.  Although he is sensible, he also knows when to take a chance, although he probably never bets more than he can afford to lose (unless the odds are massively in his favour).  He showers those he loves with gifts, but he likes to know they are able to work, and be successful in their own right.  Probably he has watched an enterprise of some sort grow and prosper, and he feels satisfied, pleased with his achievements.
REVERSED:  He loves his Rolex, designer labels and Ferrari parked in front of his showy pad, and he likes to hang out with people who have similar success.  Seen in all the best and most sumptuous places, he avoids being reminded that people are suffering and dying.  Money is everything and he doesn’t mind cutting a few corners when grabbing it.  He loves thinking about what he’ll buy and how he’ll flash his cash, but you may wait a long time for a hand-out from him.
She’s like an Earth Goddess – she loves the pleasures of life and although she won’t turn away from luxury, she’s just as happy with simple pleasures.  She’s close to nature and she may be an expert gardener, cook or craftswoman.  In fact she can turn her hand to almost anything.  Although she’s not looking for adventure, she’s not afraid of a challenge, or of hard work.  She knows that she can get what she wants, and she’s clear about what that is – usually it’s very tangible.  She can be trusted, she’s reliable and also sympathetic, but she’s not sentimental.  Waste not want not may be her motto with time and energy as well as assets.  But she’s generous and caring – a person who will nurture those she loves and keep them safe.

 REVERSED:  This could be a ‘lazy cow’ who hasn’t developed any of her potential.  Actually she lacks confidence, so she sponges off others and relies on them to make decisions for her.  She may brood over what could have been and blame others – certainly the last person who is responsible is her.   It would be a mistake to rely on her for anything.  All she’s likely to do is take, take, take and yet never seem to be any better for it.  



Can you think of anyone who is like these two cards, both in positive and negative expression? What effect do they have on your life?  How can you deal with them better?  And have you ever acted like one of the cards – again as positive and negative?  How did this feel?  Are there energies here that you could benefit from/use productively?  And is there a behavior that you can recognize as being destructive, and change?
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