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Inspiring Insight into the Gyspy Tarot


Gypsy cards and tarot cards give you detailed in depth guidance to the past, present and future. Understand the meaning of gypsy cards and how they can bring insight to you.


The Gypsy Tarot is a specific tarot card spread that uses 36 cards giving a very detailed and full reading. Gypsies have throughout history been renowned for introducing the Tarot cards in to Europe. However, in more recent years, it has been questioned as to whether this is the case and there is evidence that the tarot existed in this part of the world long before. Gypsies are notorious for their fortune telling history and are often visualised in a headscarf, with a tarot deck in hand. They are famous for the crystal ball or tea leaf readings. The original gypsy cards were standard everyday playing cards but in more modern day, are now relevant to the suits in the normal tarot spread. Combining a gypsy tarot card reading with psychic skills can give a very in depth and detailed reading, focussing on past, present and future situations.


The reading can uncover a great deal of insight about a particular situation…






Using 36 cards from the tarot pack, the cards are fully shuffled and laid out in three rows of seven cards, from left to right. The reading can uncover a great deal of insight about a particular situation, or it can give an excellent overview on your life in a general reading. In most gypsy tarot readings, the top row of cards represents the ‘past’. The middle row relates to the present or ‘current life’ and situations or circumstances, and the last row predicts and represents the ‘future’. Timings can be easier to predict with the cards in the row, for example the first 3 cards in the bottom row will signify the near future, while the last 3 cards will represent the distant future. The gypsy tarot meaning will be described and explained by your reader.

Gypsy cards can predict new relationships, future love and the long-term outcome of a current partner…






The gypsy tarot can look at a specific subject for you, giving thorough evidence of the past, the present and the future. If you have more than a few concerns in your life then it may be better to have a general reading, highlighting the most important situations and gaining insight to the outcomes from the gypsy tarot meaning. Tarot cards and gypsy cards can help guide you on the following subjects:


  • LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS – Whether you are single or need guidance on a current (or pat) relationship, gypsy cards can predict new relationships, future love and the long-term outcome of a current partner.
  • WORK & CAREER – Focussing on work and career, new jobs, promotion or current situations at work, your tarot reader will be able to explain the meaning of the gypsy cards in your reading.
  • HOME & FAMILY – Whether you’ve fallen out with a loved one, thinking of moving house or need insight on family circumstances, a gypsy card reading can identify current and future issues so that you can find solutions.
  • GENERAL READINGS – Working from the past through to the present, gypsy tarot meaning in your reading will highlight important events and conclusions. Gaining overall guidance on current problems will empower you for the future.

It can show you exactly what is expected to happen in the future, how you will relate to it and what the outcome will be…





In a general reading, the gypsy tarot can identify many areas in your life that may need resolving. It can show you exactly what is expected to happen in the future, how you will relate to it and what the outcome will be. The meaning of gypsy cards can be interpreted in a different way by people, but the general detail or information given is often very similar. Gypsy cards will show your personal circumstances, your relationship with yourself – how you view yourself and what you can improve. It will show how close surroundings are affecting you, whether positive or negative, your home environment will be present in the reading. It displays all your hopes and dreams, realistic or not, there may be choices you can make in life that will better the chances. This closely links with your destiny – what fate has mapped out for you and your journey to get there. The meaning of gypsy cards often will detail your short term future and your long term future, giving you guidance on what is closely achievable or tangible and whether you are on the right path for long-term success.






If you have not had a gypsy tarot reading before, or have delved in to gypsy tarot online, you may like to experience a genuine reading with a gypsy tarot reader.  Internet based psychic predictions or gypsy tarot online will not give you a true reading because it is often technologically generated, meaning that it is not personal to you. If you need guidance on a specific situation in your life, speak to our experienced gypsy tarot readers at TheCircle. A live phone reading will be personal and specific to you, instead of a gypsy tarot online reading which is objective and produced for the masses. TheCircle tarot readers are fully tested and certified readers and will bring you an experience whereby you can focus on your future with enlightenment.




PUBLISHED: 11 April 2016


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