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Fourth Three Major Arcana


You've already read 'First Three Major Arcana',  'Second Three Major Arcana' and 'Third Three Major Arcana' and now your journey through the Tarot continues with the fourth group of three Major Arcana cards.  Each of the Major Arcana cards shows a symbol of an archetypal force that shapes existence and also operates within the subconscious mind.  As you become aware of these forces, working with them to understand yourself and the world, you can become more effectual and fulfilled.  The symbols can be used as a focus for meditation as well as divination, as they show what the future may hold.  The better you get to know the symbols the more clearly they will speak to you.



The Hermit walks alone, but his lamp casts the light of wisdom to guide him.  His staff, which is the strength of experience, supports him.  He seeks deeper understanding but he knows that comes from opening your internal eyes, to see your own truth and make your own connections.  The Hermit is humble because he realises that the lessons learnt by others have paved his way and because being egotistical is a barrier to spirituality.  He likes his own company and isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd – he’s an example of what Tolkien meant in The Lord of the Rings when he wrote ‘Not all who wander are lost.’  The Hermit is your power to look for the right questions, as opposed to rigid answers, and to be comfortable alone – for only when you are alone can you hear the voice of your heart.  In a spread The Hermit may be reminding you to listen to the advice of older, or more experienced people and maybe to take ‘the road less travelled.’



The Wheel of Fortune represents the doors that open and close around you all the time, every minute, every day.  Without realizing it we all make choices, and these can be life-changing, sometimes without us being aware.  The Wheel of Fortune is the cycle of life, and the seasons, ever-turning, ever-changing, ever-becoming.  You cannot help turning with the Wheel – in a sense you are the Wheel as the cells in your body constantly renew themselves and your thoughts come and go.  The Wheel is also the force of Karma, which connects you with the past and brings a pattern that repeats.  The Wheel of Fortune tells you to accept and to adapt, and to embrace change.  The ups and downs of life are inevitable, so roll with the punches and don’t miss your chances when they turn up, for it may be a while before they come again.



Justice brings the steadying influence of law and the comfort of fairness.  Truth is close companion to Justice – there is no bias or prejudice.  Justice speaks for people who have been wronged or abused, not by giving empathy and compassion but by restoring equality.  Justice can see behind excuses and complaints to the heart of every matter.  In your life this is the voice of fair play.  You know when you are doing the right thing, never mind what you may want, and in the end following a moral path brings its own rewards.  You can also understand the viewpoints of others when Justice speaks within you.  Sometimes in life, issues may not be what they seem and there may be older, deep-seated factors at work, so Justice reminds you that the past works out in the present.  When you see this card you know you are called upon to be strictly impartial and honest.  Possibly it could be important to square up to legal matters.  All will be balanced in the scales.



To develop your own understanding and relationship with the cards, spend a while meditating upon them.  Relax, look at the image on the card of your choice and then in your imagination enter the world of the image.  Journey with The Hermit, The Wheel of Fortune and Justice – what do they show you?  What can you learn about their meanings and how they manifest?  Make notes of your thoughts, for they will be invaluable in your work with the Tarot.



Use these three cards on their own for some basic insight.  Ask about a plan you have in mind – choose something that is important to you but not life-changing, because that could cause you to be tense and to lose the playful attitude that is helpful for divination. (Reverence with mirth always works best!).  Shuffle the cards and deal one to guide you.  If you deal The Hermit, ask yourself whether you need to be on your own more or if there is wise advice from others that needs listening to.  If you deal The Wheel of Fortune, possibly you need to accept change, but also to be aware of the many options that are open to you.  If Justice appears, you can rely on the fact that there will be a fair outcome – if you’ve strayed from your moral code, go back to it, but if you’ve genuinely kept to it you can expect reward or compensation. Some Tarot readers interpret a card that is upside-down as the force working negatively, or delayed, but others place no importance on this – you will eventually form your own views.  For now, take note of how your first use of these cards works out, so you can learn and progress.  You can incorporate the other cards you have learnt about when you feel ready.

Interpreting signs on your own may not be enough and you may want more guidance.  Or you may need someone to talk through your ideas and what they mean.  We offer tarot readings at The Circle.  To get advice on anything that arises, our knowledgeable readers at The Circle are ready and waiting for your call, with tarot card readings to answer your questions, so why not get in touch today?


PUBLISHED: 8 January 2015

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