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Four of Wands - Time to Celebrate


The Four of Wands Meaning

This tarot card demands positivity as it is the card for joyful celebration. This card is the definition of happier times ahead. Everything is headed towards a beautiful balance and harmony. You have fresh confidence and you can be proud of your achievements and be excited for what comes next. It is time to enjoy life, to laugh and have fun with family and friends. Shake off the things that have been holding you back and let youthful exuberance shine through you. Free yourself from others’ expectations and your own self-doubt.


The Four of Wands in Love

Whether you are single or in a relationship the Four of Wands promises contentment and fulfilment. Your goal is within reach. Your relationships are going to feel balanced and stable, which will usher in a new level of happiness. Take this time in long-term relationships to focus on each other and enjoy the deeper commitment. This can potentially bring engagements, wedding parties and baby announcements, as these are the celebrations that come when love is centred.


If you are looking for love, now is the time. Take yourself to family reunions and celebrations; enjoy your time with people you love and care about. This card is offering you the energy that can bring romantic love in to your life if you want to take it.


The Four of Wands in Life

Work and finance: the Four of Wands gives us strong work relationships resulting in a feeling of community. Enjoy spending time with those you work with and allow the feelings of friendship to grow your business skills. Share your work success with family & friends and make sure your work/home life has good balance. Celebrate all achieved goals with those that love you.
Don’t be afraid to spend money right now; it is good to invest in your social life as it will feed back in to your happiness at work.

Health and spirituality: this card’s energy can show us overcoming struggles and being free. If your health has been an issue for you, either physically or mentally, you can expect a breakthrough - something that will make everything feel a little better. Celebrate all wins with those around you. Take this time to join a group or start a club; reach out to people that will be able to help you. Embrace their support: now is not the time for isolation. Show your body and mind the respect and appreciation it deserves.




The Four of Wands in Shadow.

The Four of Wands has some psychic questions for you:
  •  Are you using fun to ignore issues?
  •  Are you afraid of moving on?
  • Are you scared of change?


The shadow of this card is when we let our inner child take too much control. We run from responsibilities and hide in constant socialisation. We surround ourselves with people and events to ignore our internal voice. The party ‘til we drop mentality will leave you feeling burnt out and exhausted, and still won’t resolve your personal issues. Leaving behind painful situations means making changes. This can be scary, but Wand energy is all about passion, creativity and power and being reborn, so use this spring-time energy to blow away some of the old and celebrate the new.

How Can a Tarot Reading Help Me?

To find out what the Four of Wands means for you, call one of our psychic tarot readers with the experience to guide you.


PUBLISHED: 01 May 2021

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