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The Five of Wands


Protect and Prepare



Five of Wands Meaning

This tarot card can give you the feeling that everything is wrong and that every situation is stacked against you.
Relax, your fight here is with yourself. These are no-win situations, so don’t waste your energy on them; stop battling yourself and set your eyes back on your personal goals. You might well have rivals or situations that are trying to bring you down but they can’t if you don’t engage. Unclench your jaw and breathe. Shake off that frustration and try a different route.


Five of Wands in Love


In a long-term relationship you may find you have been butting heads recently or you just cannot seem to come to some equal ground so you can both be heard.

It can feel like you are not on the same side anymore. A fight can appear out of nowhere and happen over something insignificant, but can quickly feel all consuming. Take into account the issues in your life that maybe affecting you or your partner's ability to communicate. Your relationship will be stronger for it.

If you are single, more than one potential partner is possible. Enjoy this fun sense of competition but remember that these suiters are looking to win more than they are looking to build a lasting relationship.



Five of Wands in Life

Career and finances: When this energy presents itself in your work life, it can feel exhausting. You may be in a job or position where competition is always present. Remember that you have your role for a reason and believe in yourself. If you are looking for a promotion or a new job you can expect a clash with others, but hold your ground - you will win. Money might feel tight right now but take this opportunity to do something like download a budgeting app, look at your spending habits and take back some control. The money issue is temporary but the things you will learn now will protect you in the future.
Health and spirituality: When you get the Five of Wands it can mean that you have been battling an illness, either mental or physical. It's time to take time out. Rest your body and do nice things for yourself. Break up the fight with some calm. Focus on your future and the good things that you have in your life. Take all opportunities to reduce stress and if they do not present themselves then make them!


The Five of Wands in Shadow

The Five of Wands has some psychic questions for you…
  • Have you taken too much on?
  • Are you starting petty rows?
  • Do you constantly feel like the victim of others?
The energy of the Five of Wands is an energy that shines a light in your life. Though it may not feel like it at the time this energy is a gift to highlight the areas of your life where more organisation might help make your day better, or where you need to be kinder to yourself and others. This energy is supposed to be short-lived so, if you feel your confidence taking a hit or you feel like you are always being put upon by others, recognise that you are in charge of your experience and step in to your confidence so you can continue to grow.

How Can a Tarot Reading Help Me?


To find out how the 5 of wand is affecting your life, call one of our psychic tarot readers with the experience to guide you.


PUBLISHED: 30 June 2021

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