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The Five of Wands

What is the five of wands Tarot card meaning? Find out how the five of wands can give important guidance in love, relationships, work, home and family…
The Wands suit in the Tarot deck symbolises events in our life that represent creativity, passion, work or career, ideas, strategies and our personal energy. The five of wands is usually related to work and career as it is a card that symbolises competition. It is a card that encourages us to stand tall, hold our head up high and trust that we have the abilities and skills to achieve what we desire.



The five of wands is a card that suggests we are in competition with something or someone. It is a card that represents feelings of unease and perhaps the thought that we are unsure of an outcome. However, the five of wands Tarot card meaning is the card of encouragement and pushes us to pursue our dreams and desires, to aim for our goals and to ignore the competition or barriers that we may come up against. It is the card of self-belief, showing that whatever we put our mind to, really can be accomplished.
It signifies that you have the ability to achieve what you want…




If the Tarot reading relates to your working life, the five of wands portrays that you may feel that your workplace is competitive, or it can mean that a colleague may keep you on your toes with their demands or cut-throat attitude. If the five of wands is placed close to the card that represents you in the Tarot reading, then it is likely to mean that you have a competitive streak and are driven by your skills and knowledge to persevere for success. It signifies that you have the ability to achieve what you want, so encourages you to believe in yourself. The five of wands reassures you that if you give it your best shot, you can have success in a job promotion or new position. It gives promising encouragement and faith in pursuing our goals.



In a romantic reading, the five of wands shows that there may be a competitive situation around someone who you want to be romantically linked with. Perhaps they have other people who are hoping they are in for a chance, but this card asks you to ignore what may feel like a threat, and to pursue this potential partner anyway. The five of wands reassures you that you have done everything that you can to tell the person that you like them. This card can also suggest that you have many interested people who would like to get to know you more. It encourages us not to lose faith in our desire for a relationship and to just go forward to achieve what we deserve.
Do not let aggressive or competitive business colleagues make you feel inferior…



When the five of wands card upright appears in a reading, it can represent the following:
LOVE / RELATIONSHIPS – Continue to follow your dreams of a loving and romantic relationship, no matter how distracting competition or outside influences may be.
WORK / CAREER – Perhaps you work in a competitive industry or workplace. Do not let aggressive or competitive business colleagues make you feel inferior. You can achieve whatever you have set out to do.
ABUNDANCE – Happiness and abundance comes in all forms of material wealth, love and possessions. The five of wands card upright encourages you to have faith when blockages or barriers may come in your way to achieving what you desire.



 When the five of wands card reversed appears in your reading it can have an alternative meaning and generally forewarns us that there may be imminent confrontation:

LOVE / RELATIONSHIPS – The five of wands card reversed in a relationship reading shows that petty ongoing disputes are keeping your relationship healthy, as long as you both have your say. If you are single and interested in someone, you may need to be patient and wait for them.
WORK / CAREER – If you are currently working, this card forewarns you of upcoming arguments and disagreements. It urges you to cover yourself and make sure that your work is flawless. If you are looking for work, stay positive and do not be discouraged by competition.
ABUNDANCE – The five of wands card reversed inspires you to trust your instincts and intuition. Do not get involved in disputes and keep away from anything which could affect your home, relationship, finances or work.



Getting insight and knowledge to issues that may be in your working life can help you to prepare for the best way to handle it. If you are interested in finding love or may be keen to get to know someone better, a Tarot reading will give you the detailed guidance so that you know how to move forward. Speak to the UK’s most gifted readers at TheCircle where you can find experienced and professional Tarot readers, psychics, clairvoyants and mediums. 


PUBLISHED: 27 September 2016

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