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The First Three Major Arcana


Your journey through the Tarot – and it is a journey – now begins.  Each of the Major Arcana cards shows a symbol of an archetypal force that shapes existence and also operates within the subconscious mind.  As you become aware of these forces, working with them to understand yourself and the world, you can become more effectual and fulfilled.  The symbols can be used as a focus for meditation as well as divination, as they show what the future may hold.  The better you get to know the symbols the more clearly they will speak to you.




The Fool has the number 0 because he or she is nothing and everything.  This is a card of potential that could go many ways.  The Fool could be male or female, shown stepping blithely towards the edge of a cliff.  But the Fool is by no means necessarily foolish.  Here we have innocence, the power of new beginnings, the ability to transform.  In olden times the court fool helped the king to be wise, poking fun at human vanity, restoring a sense of proportion and bringing laughter, which has its own magic.  The Fool is your ability to start afresh, to leave behind all preconceptions and memories and to re-invent yourself.  Does The Fool fall into the abyss?  Or does he learn to fly, or turn back, or grab a branch?  Only by taking that crazy step and trusting your instincts can you find out.  In a spread the Fool shows your potential to be spontaneous, childlike and joyful.  Trust in your luck?  Maybe!




The Magician awakens you to the essence of your own being and your ability to direct your own life, sometimes creating something amazing and greater than the sum of its parts.  The Magician stands before his altar that holds a representation of all the four elements, Earth, Fire Air and Water.  Here is the drive to become what you were meant to be, to shape your destiny, to progress.  But respect for the ancient laws and the ‘As above, so below’ doctrine are implied.  The right hand of The Magician is raised towards the sky, while the other points downwards, implying a marriage of sky and earth, spirit with matter.  The Magician is your power to make things happen and also to understand yourself.  In a spread he is your ability to act consciously and wisely and to evoke your inner magical self.




Welcome to the temple of your soul.  The High Priestess is your instinctual wisdom that connects you to the source of all life.  She embodies the mysteries that can be felt, known within the heart but that remain tightly closed to the intellect.  The High Priestess sits enthroned, the veil behind her shielding the inner sanctum of the Goddess.  She is ancient ‘knowingness’ the ocean of eternal life, and she is both the servant of the Goddess and Her envoy.  She is stationed between the pillars of life, positive and negative, being and becoming.  The Goddess is everywhere, at all times and in all places, and the High Priestess reveals the hidden truths, visible only to your inner eye.  She is your capacity for understanding and compassion.  In a spread she affirms your intuition and your ability to be really wise, in harmony with Creation.




To develop your own understanding and relationship with the cards, spend a while meditating upon them.  Relax, look at the image on the card of your choice and then in your imagination enter the world of the image.  Journey with The Fool, The Magician and The High Priestess – what do they show you?  What can you learn about their meanings and how they manifest?  Make notes of your thoughts, for they will be invaluable in your work with the Tarot.




Begin work with the Tarot using the three cards for a simple exercise in getting insight.  Ask about a plan you have in mind – choose something that is important to you but not life-changing, because that could cause you to be tense and to lose the playful attitude that is helpful for divination. (Reverence with mirth always works best!).  Shuffle the cards and deal one to guide you.  If you deal The Fool, approach your venture with a totally open mind, expecting the unexpected, having fun and trusting to good fortune.  If you turn up The Magician, take control on all levels, analyzing the forces at work (especially those that are hidden) and manipulating them to the best of your abilities.  If you turn up The High Priestess, reflect deeply and quietly, listening to your inner voices and acting in a way that feels right.  Some Tarot readers interpret a card that is upside-down as the force working negatively, or delayed, but others place no importance on this – you will eventually form your own views.  For now, take note of how your first use of the Tarot works out, so you can learn and progress.

Reading signs on your own may not be enough and you may want more guidance.  Or you may need someone to talk through your interpretation and what follows.  To get advice on anything that arises, our knowledgeable readers at The Circle are ready and waiting for your call, so why not get in touch today?



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