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The Magic of Fairy Tarot Cards


Fairy Tarot Cards can give you magical reasons and guidance to make some positive life changing choices.


Fairy tarot cards were mostly derived from Angel card readings. It is believed that the fairies are God’s nature angels and they oversee the mineral and plant kingdoms. They are strong-willed environmentalists and also very much care about how animals are treated. There are many magical reasons why fairies can help us in our current life and our future and the fairy tarot cards are a tool to connect with them for guidance. The difference between using the Fairy Tarot cards, Tarot cards, Angel cards and Oracle cards is simply because you are connecting with the energy of the fairies, thus inviting their guidance to advise you.

The fairies are here to help and advise us and their number one priority is to guide you to happiness in your life




The fairy tarot can assist you in making important decisions, they can offer guidance when you are perplexed by a situation and will always reassure you that you have celestial support. Fairy card readings are not only for specific questions; they can give really good guidance for the future in general readings too. There may be several magical reasons why you are considering having a fairy tarot reading but like most readings, you will be inspired by the insight that you are given.

  • LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS – The Fairy Tarot cards can link in with your relationship and give you guidance on any area that needs attention. If you are single, they may predict a new relationship and will give you some insight to future love.
  • FAMILY & HOME – Our families are extremely important to us, so when there’s an issue, it can be a great worry or concern. Fairy Tarot offers us reassuring advice at these times and they can comfort you, helping you to understand the situation.
  • WORK & CAREER – If you’re unhappy in your job and thinking of moving on, the Fairy Tarot cards may give you the gentle push that you need. Fairies are all about helping people to make their life better. If you’re looking for a new job, you will insight as to what’s coming up in the future.
  • GENERAL READINGS – The fairies are here to help and advise us and their number one priority is to guide you to happiness in your life. There are many magical reasons for having a general reading with the Fairy Tarot cards

‘Goodbye to the old, Hello to the new’





The Fairy Tarot cards are one of the simplest and easiest decks to read. They give instant answers to your questions and do not need a huge amount of interpretation. Their connotations are self-explanatory and therefore it can be a good deck for self-use, although you will always get a more detailed and concise reading from a Fairy card reader, because it is often difficult to read for oneself. For example, a card may have ‘Goodbye to the old, Hello to the new’ – the sub description says ‘You’ve finished one part of your life, and now a new and even better is beginning’. This would be very apt if your reading was about work, a relationship or a house move! The deck also has cards that relate to seasons of the year so if you were keen to know when you were going to meet the love of your life or your soulmate and the ‘Spring’ card came up in your reading, you know that it is likely you will meet them then.

The cards in the deck have simple but highly guided answers





Having a Fairy Card reading connects you directly to the fairies. Their energy is limitless and they thrive on helping people. The cards in the deck have simple but highly guided answers, making sure that you understand your reading, the choices that you have and that you have insight to your future. They want you to be clear about your reading and about the messages they are sending you. This energy flow between you is opened up during the reading, invoking the fairies to assist you and therefore giving a kind of permission for their healing to be sent from the elemental world. Fairies are like humans and reside on the earth, unlike angels, they do not automatically love everyone and have compassion. They particularly favour people who love and care for the environment and animals. As myths would suggest, they can be mischievous but only apparently by playing small tricks on people, like hiding things. This only really happens if they are disapproving of your actions towards the environment or animals.




PUBLISHED: 29 March 2016




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