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The Deviant Moon Tarot Deck


The unusual and surreal experience of the Deviant Moon Tarot. Incredible insight for the future with Deviant Moon Tarot readings…


The Deviant Moon Tarot deck was created by storybook illustrator and artist Patrick Valenza and was first published in 2008. The deck took 30 years to be completed and was started by Patrick at the age of 15. Similar to other popular Tarot decks such as the Rider-Waite, the Deviant Moon Tarot pack has a total of 78 cards, with 22 major arcana cards and 56 minor arcana cards.
The images are haunting and surreal, but the deck has been praised for its ability…




As an accomplished artist, the creator developed the images after establishing his artistic style at a young age. Patrick has been very knowledgeable about the Tarot since he was a child and designed the images with a deep understanding of what each card means. The Deviant Moon Tarot meaning has a somewhat dreamlike and mystical essence about it and some of the images could be viewed as unsettling and ominous. The images portray illustrations of asylums and cemeteries, and some of the characters can only be described as demonic and creepy. Tarot Readers who understand the Deviant Moon Tarot meaning say that the deck explores the darkness in the subconscious, highlighting hidden thoughts and feelings about ourselves, people, and certain situations. The images are haunting and surreal, but the deck has been praised for its ability to link strongly with psychic ability or intuition, giving an in-depth and easily interpreted reading.
It is believed to give interesting and truly hypnotic readings…




Tarot readings aim to give detailed insight into the past, the present, and the future. Someone with a Psychic ability and Tarot experience will be able to read the Deviant Moon Tarot cards and apply them to the person they are reading for, giving a unique and personal reading. The Deviant Moon Tarot readings help us to explore our subconscious, understand our inner fears, hopes and dreams and give us predictions regarding what might happen through certain choices we make. It is believed to give interesting and truly hypnotic readings, enhancing Clairvoyance and opening up all psychic realms for an enlightening and powerful reading.
We may meet someone important who will guide us or teach us in life…




The Deviant Moon Tarot readings combine the major and the minor arcana. The major arcana consists of 22 cards and are known to be the most significant cards in the pack. Tarot cards which include many major arcana cards is said to be very positive, showing that there may be several important major changes going on in your life. Some of the major arcana cards are:

  • THE HIGH PRIESTESS: Suggests that we should listen to our own intuition and Psychic ability. We may meet someone important who will guide us or teach us in life. This is a spiritual card that encourages us to connect with the universe and our higher self.


  • THE EMPRESS: A feminine card that often symbolises fertility and motherhood. This card may encourage us to get in touch with our feminine power, or may show us that there is a significant female in our life who will help us.


  • THE HIEROPHANT: This is a significant card if you are looking for important advice from a professional or a knowledgeable person. It gives you confidence that you will get good guidance to make a decision and also encourages you to broaden your learning and education to help secure your future.


  • THE SUN: This is the positive card in the Deviant Moon Tarot readings, suggesting that if you need to know about something specific, the answer is ‘yes’. It is a card of confirmation and portrays happiness and positivity.



The minor arcana Tarot cards in the Deviant Moon Tarot deck consist of 56 cards and 4 suits, containing 1 – 10 cards and page, knight, queen and king. The 4 suits are the Cups, the Wands, the Swords and the Pentacles. The minor arcana accompanies the major arcana, and although it does not signify important events, it speaks to us about our everyday life:

  • FOUR OF WANDS: Represents celebration, happiness, a loving bond such as marriage, engagement or happy family life. It can suggest harmony, pleasure and new beginnings.


  • THREE OF CUPS: Signifies taking control or charge of one’s life. Asking for help or becoming part of a supportive community who will assist you with your goals. It can also mean that you will get the emotional help that you need from those around you.


  • KING OF SWORDS: This card indicates a man who is intelligent and helpful, a person of sound judgement and advice. If you do not already know him, you may be about to meet him. Trust in his advice and guidance


  • NINE OF PENTACLES: This card gives reassurance that financial security can be yours for the taking. It encourages you to find order and to be responsible, so that you can have abundance and stability for your future.



Tarot readings are a powerful way to get reassurance and insight about your future. Do you need guidance on love, relationships, family or work? Deviant Moon Tarot readings will give you clear answers to your questions, however specific they may be. Speak to the UK’s most experienced Tarot Readers, Psychics, Clairvoyants and Mediums at TheCircle. Get control of your life for an exciting future…



PUBLISHED: 8 August 2016

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