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The Death Card

It foretells a transition in life, a dramatic change to one’s situation 
whether it is circumstances or a person’s attitude towards a state of affairs. 
It is endings, exciting new beginnings and rebirth.


The Death card from the Major Arcana in the Tarot deck has a somewhat foreboding name and unless you understand and know the Tarot, it is often feared as a negative and disturbing card. Tarot readers do not just look at the name of the card, they pick up thoughts and feelings by looking at the image of the card and relate this to the person they are reading for. Each reading will differ for every person, regardless of whether the image is the same. The picture on the most commonly used Tarot cards displays a skeleton dressed in a suit of armour, riding a white horse and holding a flag with a white flower on it. There is a rising sun in the background, a young child and a woman dressed in white on the ground before the horse.


Some people worry that if this card appears in a Tarot spread, it symbolises death. However, this is far from the real meaning of the card. This card actually represents the end of a cycle or situation or a significant change in your life. Most Tarot readers portray this card as a ‘positive’ change in someone’s life. It foretells a transition in life, a dramatic change to one’s situation whether it is circumstances or a person’s attitude towards a state of affairs. It is endings, exciting new beginnings and rebirth.
Letting go of old beliefs or attitudes, will bring positive renewal and new doors 
will open to an even better situation.


Depending on what your reading is about, the Death card can have several meanings and ways to relate to your life. As we have already discussed, it is about endings of situations, transition and new beginnings. Below are some examples of the meaning of the card in readings:
  • General Readings – A change in circumstances in an area of your life is coming. Often we try to control change but allowing fate to take you through a transitional period, letting go of old beliefs or attitudes, will bring positive renewal and new doors will open to an even better situation.
  • Love & Relationship Readings – This can signify an ending to a difficult situation and the beginning of a new and more exciting phase in your life. If you are in a relationship which is not making you happy, it can either show that you end the partnership or that the difficulties come to an end and a new start is about to happen. If you are single and looking for a relationship, it can mean that you are about to meet someone new and you are soon going to connect with a potential partner.
  • Work & Career Readings – New beginnings to your working life are coming, whether you are planning this or not. However, this is a positive sign especially if you are unhappy in your job and looking for something new. Often it is a card of confirmation, encouraging you to take a leap of faith and move forwards with confidence. In a reading for work or career, this card can also mean that if you believe in yourself and trust in your future, you are also likely to gain financially from making changes in your work.
  • Spiritual Readings – The universe is encouraging you to focus on the future! To make changes where you are not content and to have a positive mental attitude in everything that you do so you can reap the rewards. This card reassures you that you are in a transitional time and that you should be optimistic towards change, even if you are feeling negative at the moment, it is important to not fear or fight transformation.


The Death card encourages us to embrace change, to understand that this is an important time of letting go of negative situations and renewing our life. It is a positive sign that things are about to move forwards and that sometimes we cannot control everything that happens. Even though we all have free will, sometimes fate will step in and direct us on to a new path that will be better for us in the long run. Changes in relationships, work, home and family can transform our lives, and something more positive may be waiting for us.

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