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The Dreamer - Inspiration from Angel Cards


Angel cards and Angel card readings give us incredible support and guidance and a direct connection to angelic beings


Angel cards are becoming increasingly popular and angel card readings are a way of getting a direct connection, giving us insight and guidance from the angels. They access the energy and angelic beings who are waiting to give their support, love and care to humans. They aim to protect us by offering their guidance and have immeasurable compassion and patience in doing so. Angel cards readings are similar to tarot readings, where cards are laid out in a spread to look at a specific subject or to offer us general guidance. There are varying decks, some are pure angel cards, some angel tarot cards and some angel oracle cards. The performance is often the same as we connect for guidance to these higher beings.

Angel card readings offer compassion and honest guidance




Angel cards can look at all subjects so if there are answers that you need to a specific situation or issue, they will advise you. We can also ask for general readings with the angel oracle cards, giving us behind the scenes guidance for current life and the future. The most popular readings with angel card readings or angel oracle cards are:

  • LOVE READINGS – whether you’re in a relationship which is going through a tricky time, or you want to know if there is a long-term future, the Angels will guide you.
  • FUTURE LOVE READINGS – If you’re single and hoping to meet someone, the Angel oracle can bring your insight for the future. Angel card readings offer compassion and honest guidance.
  • WORK & CAREER READINGS – Often we want to know whether we are on the right path and our working time takes up so much of our life, it is important to be happy. Angel card readings can give you clear direction showing you that you should continue where you are, or that you should make a change to follow a passion.
  • FAMILY READINGS – Sometimes in life families can fall out, or there may be something which upsets the balance. Our Angels want to help and support us so often Angel card readings can give you great insight.
  • GENERAL GUIDANCE – Perhaps you would just like to ask guidance for current life and your future. Angel oracle cards will highlight the most important aspects to be aware of, giving supportive messages for you to live a happy life.

The Archangels have mighty strengths in them which can be empowered to you.




Angel card meanings are often quite easy to understand simply because they want us to get the message loud and clear. Most angel cards are named after an archangel, who are the highest ranking angels. Archangel Michael is the leader of the archangels and protects us physically, emotionally and psychically. He is responsible for protection, strength, faith, truth and integrity and stands strong with his sword, ready to cut free negative ties for us. If this card appears in angel oracle cards, Archangel Michael is supporting and guiding us, giving us strength to free ourselves from negativity. Archangel Haniel inspires us to love nature and find our passion for life. In angel card readings, she encourages us to love and respect ourselves. Archangel Gabriel supports us in nurturing and communicating with others. If this card appears in angel card readings, we often find that we create a dramatic change to our benefit as Archangel Gabriel gives us power. If Archangel Raphael appears in your angel card reading, he brings with him powerful healing in a loving way. The Archangels have mighty strengths in them which can be empowered to you.

Strength, Trust, Romance, Soulmate, Support




There are many different angel cards and their meanings will always relate to us and can often be taken literally. The angel oracle gives us reassuring messages from these angelic beings. Some of the cards are Strength, Trust, Romance, Soulmate, Support, Passion, Divine Order, Leadership, Forgiveness, Focus and many more are all within the deck. Whenever you feel you need to focus on something which is worrying you, the Angel cards can provide great insight and honest positive advice. General readings can give you specific guidance on what is coming up and what is relevant to the future.


PUBLISHED: 21 March 2016



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