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Angel Card Reading in Love

Do you need an angel card reading in love? Angel card readings in love give you guidance in relationships and your future love life…

An angel card reading uses angel cards instead of the Tarot, enabling the Reader to connect with the angels and channel guidance to the person who is having the reading. Angel cards work in the same way as oracles cards so an angel card reading can be carried out for readings in love, relationships, work, home and family. An angel card Reader will often link with the angels before they begin their readings and during a personal reading, will link with the archangels who come forward to assist.
Archangels are from the higher angelic realm and believed to be ‘Messengers from God’…

What Are Angel Card Readings?

Angel card readings allow the Reader to work with a person’s guardian angels and archangels, to bring angelic guidance, healing and harmony to their lives. Everyone has a guardian angel helping them to find peace in their life and an angel card reading opens up the channels more so that you can receive a greater guidance from the angels. Archangels are from the higher angelic realm and believed to be ‘Messengers from God’, carrying guidance from the Creator to the Created. They are waiting to assist you in all areas of your life and will always be standing close, waiting for your request. Although we all have guardian angels, it is believed that we have to ask them to help us, before they can step forward. An angel card reading invokes the angels to give us guidance and assistance in areas of our life that may be concerning us, especially in love.
Archangel Azrael is close by, sending you healing and comfort…

Angel Cards Meaning

Whether you speak to an angel card Reader on-line or you try a free angel card reading app, angel cards meaning will give you answers and reassurance in love, work, home and family. An angel card reading is fairly self-explanatory to the eye as the images will portray simple meanings or the confirmation that you are getting guidance directly from an archangel. Here are some of the angel cards meanings:
Prosperity: Archangel Ariel reassures you that if you follow your intuition in the right work to do, you will prosper in material gain. If you are trying to turn your dreams into reality, then you will manifest success.
Take Back Your Power: Archangel Raziel encourages you to feel confident and strong in your intentions and to be safe in the knowledge that you are equipped to succeed in whatever you choose to do.
Comfort: Archangel Azrael is close by, sending you healing and comfort during this possible time of need. Azrael is known as the grief counsellor, so will help anyone who has lost a loved one or who is going through heartbreak.
Peace: Archangel Chamuel is the archangel of peace, bringing love and comfort to those who may be going through a difficult time. He sends strength and courage to help you find inner peace, especially in relationships.
Creative Writing: Archangel Gabriel has a feminine energy that closely links with pregnancy, birth, children, communication and creativity. He empowers creative individuals to find creative work that they will love.
Angel Therapy: Archangel Raphael encourages us to give our cares, concerns and worries to the angels and trust that they will assist us. Raphael is known as ‘The medicine doctor’, healing the body and spiritual energies within us.
The angels primarily promote love and peace within our lives…

What Can I Learn from an Angel Card Reading?

Angel card readings can give you guidance on a specific situation such as a relationship problem or work issue, but they can also give you general guidance on current life and the future. An angel card reading in love will invoke the angels to send healing, love and light to a difficult situation in a relationship, or if you are single then the angels will help you to open your heart to invite love in. The angels primarily promote love and peace within our lives so an angel card reading in love can be very enlightening and beneficial. An online free angel card reading will often come via computer generated software, so will not spiritually connect directly with the angels to give you personalised guidance. An angel card reading with an experienced Reader can give you insight and guidance in matters of the heart, which will empower you to know that the angels are close by and assisting you.



Angel card readings are often carried out by psychics who work closely with the angels, using their guidance in every part of their life. Invoking the angels to help you, opens up the channels and gives the angels permission to assist. Once you have asked the angels to guide you, you must trust that they have heard and are with you. If you need guidance in love, work, family or life and would like an angel card reading, speak to one of our gifted Readers at TheCircle.


PUBLISHED: 24 November 2016

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