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The two in your birth date

Count the twos in your date of birth (including all the numbers in the year). The numerologist, Eleonore Jacobi, will tell you what the twos mean!



3 or more twos

People with this many twos in their date of birth may suddenly get up and leave when in a group or large gathering. It is as if they cannot stand the situation for another minute. They have the irresistible desire to be in their own space. They cannot deal with others anymore or at least not for a while. This is because of their intense sensitivity to the underlying emotions to which they are exposed in large groups. In social situations they are confronted with as many different agendas as people and a lot is said just out of pure politeness. People with several twos pick up on this double meaning unconsciously.

Children who are born in this century all have a two in their date of birth and many have multiple twos. These children sense all the tension in their families without knowing why they are so uneasy and stressed and thus cannot verbalize these feelings. The danger of getting rid of the pent up stress in a temper tantrum is high and they tend to scare themselves the most when this happens since they are actually peace loving children. The same is true for adults, who can only get rid of their inner tensions by getting angry or by retreating from their environment. If this is true for you, try to set inner limits so that you do not collect everyone else’s emotional garbage and so that you can deal constructively with your disposition. If children suffer this fate, provide your child with a stress free place for him to calm down in.

The biggest misunderstandings in relationships occur when a partner has one or more twos in his or her date of birth and his or her partner, children or work colleagues have none. The reason for this is...

Absence of two

You do not possess the intuition to know when to say something or not. You often say things that others perceive as hurtful. You do not always realize this and usually this is not your intention; because of this you often end up in difficult situations. You are aware of the fact that you act like “a bull in the china shop” now and again. It is your task to consider what you say more carefully and to think about if something needs to be said in a certain way or if there is not a better way to express you feelings, emotions or even anger. You tend to only see your point as valid. You are usually very proud of the fact that you are so straightforward and direct, but are unaware of the fact that your words are often perceived in a way you do not mean them to be.
People with twos in their date of birth are very sensitive and often hurt by these "honest" and insensitive words.

The three in your birth date


PUBLISHED: 01 September 2014

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