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The two in your birth date

Count the twos in your date of birth (including all the numbers in the year). The numerologist, Eleonore Jacobi, will tell you what the twos mean!


1 two

You are very understanding and have a great sense of intuition and instinct. You blossom in relationships. You like to laugh, are happy and sense your inner emotions more easily than others. You can depend on your intuition when it comes first impressions. In relationships with partners and family members you are often the first to realise when changes occur or people are stressed. You do not hurt people deliberately, knowing all too well how painful this can be. You love togetherness and are an understanding partner. You sometimes may expect too much from a relationship, since you sense unspoken thoughts, adapt to these and jump to conclusions, something that can often lead to misunderstandings. Do not expect these same qualities from others and you will be spared much anguish. Plan quiet time for yourself, for this can help you to reduce stress.

2 twos

Do you often surprise people because you know what is happening without being told? You have an instinctive feeling for things unspoken in family life and in relationships. You hate it if there are underlying tensions in these areas, even if you’re not personally involved. This can lead to problems in the workplace, especially when you react to something a colleague might mean but has not actually said. For example: a colleague praises you, but you have the feeling that he or she is not being honest. Rather than reacting to the praise, you react to your perceived disapproval and this leads to misunderstandings. The influence of the two twos gives you a great deal of empathy and understanding for the needs of others, but it can also make you very sensitive and put you under a lot of pressure. You like romanticism in love and you are always willing to accept others and fulfil their wishes.

In order to avoid inner stress you pay far more attention to what people say when it comes to them and to your own inner voice when it comes to you.


PUBLISHED: 01 September 2014

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Numerology: Numbers in your birthdate

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